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15 Images from 2011

I’m thankful to have had a chance to really stretch myself as a photographer in 2011.  Now – that doesn’t mean I nailed every shot I pointed my camera at (in fact – I missed quite a few images) – and it doesn’t mean that I shot everything on my “2011 list” – but it was a great year for learning – from having the chance to fly half around the world to deciphering some studio lighting.  In between – I had opportunities to shoot more rodeo and hot air balloons – and to teach an informal travel photography class and write an article for PhotographyBB (both were great learning curves!).

As I’ve done the last few years, I’m posting images from the year that I think sum up what could be considered some of my best work.  For folks new to this blog – I simply think this process of handpicking and culling photos from a year – the process of drawing a line in the sand – is a great exercise to really sharpen the proverbial pencil.  There’s no need to post your images on a blog or on Flickr  or Facebook – but I highly recommend trying this exercise.

In year’s past – I’ve posted 10 images – and then I quickly followed up with “ten more”.  Well – this year – I decided to simply post 15 images without a follow up.  Maybe next year – I can actually get myself to only 10.  🙂

It’s probably not surprising – but this year’s list is heavily weighted with images from Uganda (6 photos).

Also – maybe not surprising – buts something that struck me after I compiled this list – many of the images – at least in my opinion – had a lighting element that could be considered striking or extraordinary.

Are these my “15 best”?  Maybe some of these would make that list – it’s hard to say exactly.  Regardless – I hope they represent a range of some of my better images from the year.

So – here you go – in no particular order – 15 images from 2011.  And – if you have any feedback – please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

Fishermen on Lake Victoria.

2011 top images-4

Playing with sparklers (+ long exposure).

2011 top images-8 Traffic on Highway 99.

2011 top images-21

I was taking some photos inside this classroom between classes – and this girl was just drawing on the board.

2011 top images-15

At the Northwest Art & Air Festival.

2011 top images-1

Boda-boda drivers outside of Kampala, Uganda.

2011 top images-6

Steer wrestling at the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo.

2011 top images-12

Rough stock riders prepare at the Benton County Rodeo.

2011 top images-3

Green heron fledgling.

2011 top images-9

Hot air balloons at sunrise.

2011 top images-17Rain at Rally for Life in Salem, Oregon.

2011 top images-14

Sunrise.  Uganda.

2011 top images-5

Carver at the carousel in Salem, Oregon.

2011 top images-10

Boy playing at a school in Kampala.

2011 top images-7

From the back of a boda-boda outside of Kampala.2011 top images-16

From the Archives: Finley HDR

Well – I was digging through images for another project – and stumbled on to this photo that I made a few years ago.  It was one of my first attempts at high dynamic range photography (HDR) – and was taken down at the Finley Wildlife Refuge on an early morning.

The funny story behind the image?  The blue heron off to the left – halfway through the exposures – decided to get up and walk out of the frame.  Fortunately – it didn’t really impact the overall image.

This was probably my first attempt at “art” – and regardless if it worked or not – I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for this image.   Maybe it’s the moodiness – maybe it’s the blue heron looking back at the tree.

So – here you go – one from the archives.  Enjoy!

from the archives-10

Back from Uganda

Been back now for a few days from a week in Uganda where I had an opportunity to photograph alongside a short mission trip organized by Show Mercy International in and around Kampala.

Still working through a bunch of images – but I thought I’d throw one out there – if for nothing else – just to say “howdy”.

quick photo to blog-1

Big Sur to Santa Cruz: Monterey’s Lover’s Point

Lovers Point - low res-2 Now typically – I don’t think I’d spend an entire post on a place like Lover’s Point.  Maybe it’s out of pride – as the name sounds like someplace straight out of Happy Days – or simply because it’s just a little city park on the edge of town.  Either way – I typically wouldn’t even stop – and I’d leave it to the joggers and family picnics.

But – Jim thought it would be a cool stop – and I’m glad we did.

We probably spent no longer than 90 minutes checking it out – and most of the images won’t find their way out of LR – but it was a great little location with all sorts of photo ops.

The top image was simply the Lensbaby – wide open – with no aperture ring (probably my favorite way to shoot it).  The bottom image – well – this gentleman was just sitting on the rocks enjoying the sun – and he was agreeable with me taking his photo.

Lovers Point - low res-1


More in this series:

Lensbaby Fisheye Optic: Round 2

corvallis - 31 oct 2009-57AM Saturday: meet Henry at New Morning Bakery.  1st cup of coffee – dark roast.  Talk photography.

7:25AM:  2nd cup of coffee – still dark roast.  More photography.

7:45AM: Out and about in Corvallis.  It was supposed to be raining – but instead – we were greeted with a partly sunny morning still a bit wet from the night before.  Henry was trying out his new kit – and I thought I’d futz more with the Lensbaby Fisheye Optic (review posted here).

9:10AM: On the way home for more coffee.  French roast.

As for the Fisheye Optic – I liked f/11 so much – I tried it again.  Still trying to get the hang of it – but it’s definitely fun.

Images – from top to bottom: (1) bakery backdoor (2) pedestrian (3) waiting for snow (4) tree by the river.

corvallis - 31 oct 2009-2corvallis - 31 oct 2009-4 corvallis - 31 oct 2009-6