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First Photo Story Over at Exposure.co

Hi all – just a quick post to highlight my first photo story over at Exposure.co.  If you haven’t yet heard about Exposure.co, it’s a photo story telling tool that I think is pretty unique among the portfolio sites out there today.

This one is from last year’s trip to Taiwan.  If you get a chance – head on over there and check it out.  And if you’re interested in trying Exposure – they offer free accounts that allow you to post up to 3 stories.


2013 Top 11 Photos

It’s always a great challenge to look back on a year’s collection and to trim to a list of the best.  It’s an exercise I recommend to every photographer out there.  That said, the extra challenge is to get that list to only 10 photos.  Well, I almost made it this year – I trimmed this one to 11.  Smile

So, in no particular order, here’s my 2013 list with a bit on each addition.


This first photo is from a children’s church group singing at a convalescence home.  It was a very sweet moment with folks stepping out of their rooms to hear the children sing Christmas carols in the hall.

Best of 2013-1

Once I saw these two barns – I just wanted to figure out a way to get the photo.  This is one of those rare images where (if I remember correctly) I was thinking black and white from the onset.

Best of 2013-4

In 2013 I had the opportunity to shoot two Polar Plunge events for Oregon Special Olympics.  This next photo is from the Corvallis event.  Initially I was torn between two photos for this list: “dynamic splash” and “pink tutu’s”.  You can see which one I chose.

Best of 2013-6

This was from the 2013 Photo Walk here in Corvallis.  It’s probably safe to presume that it took me over a hundred images to get this one.

Best of 2013-7

In the very next moment, this bull fighter found himself in the air (but my very next frame only had the legs of the bullfighter visible – I was zoomed in too far on the scene to get all of him in the air).

Best of 2013-8

The Lover’s Bridge in Danshui, Taiwan.  This is one of those rare images where I actually pre-visualized the final result.  Some folks are really good at that – I’m not.

Best of 2013-10

Jiufen, Taiwan is a great little market town.  Fortunately while we were there we were treated to this epic rain.

Best of 2013-11

Street opera in Tainan, Taiwan.  I like how this image shows the proximity of the street to the opera.

Best of 2013-13

Hot air balloon festival.  Another image here on the list with strong architectural elements.

Best of 2013-15

Sheep nor shearing are typically on my list of favorite images.  But, I liked this moment along with the lighting, color, and texture.

Best of 2013-17

Mt Hood in the clouds.  It wasn’t long after this image that the mountain was completely obscured by the incoming weather.

Best of 2013-18

Photos from Taiwan #3

Night markets are popular in Taiwan.  They’re bustling with people and food and activity.  This one is from the Liouhe Night Market in Kaohsiung and was shot with the X100s (remarkable in low light).

night market-1

Photos from Taiwan #2

This is the Lover’s Bridge in Danshui – just outside of Taipei.  It’s a Taiwan landmark and I was just looking for a bit of a different angle on it. bridge-1

Photos from Taiwan: #1

Jiufen is a great little town not too far from Taipei.  Fortunately while we were there we had a rainstorm (I’m not sure everyone was glad to see the rain – but rain can often make for some good photos 🙂  ).

As it turns out, this image was shot with the X100s – a great camera for this trip.


Hey, Check This Out: Formosa Treasure!

test 5-1


OK – this may have little to do with photography – but I just wanted to give a shout out to Henry, a good friend of mine, who has just launched Formosa Treasure – a great online marketplace with cool designer products from Taiwan.

FT Product Photos - 17 October 2012-29


From the Formosa Treasure about page:

Founded in the Summer of 2012 by Henry Kang. We are passionate about bringing you treasures from the island of Taiwan.

Our blog talks about food you will crave, places you will dream about, and people you will wanna meet. Better yet, we work hard to hunt for creative designer products from Taiwan that you will enjoy.

Our hope is that you will fall in love with Ilha Formosa (‘Beautiful Island’ in Portuguese) like we do.