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Rugby: CWU at OSU

rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-4Well – it’s been a couple of seasons since I’ve shot rugby – so I carved out a couple of hours on a chilly Saturday to go catch the Beavers and Wildcats.

Central Washington insured this wasn’t a close contest – but it was a good opportunity to go out and burn a few bits.

And if anybody has a good suggestion for photo-friendly gloves – I’m all ears.  🙂

rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-2

rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-3rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-7 rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-8 rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-9 rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-10 rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-11 rugby - osu vs cwu - 19 jan 2013 - low res-12

5 Biggest Flops on Camera 47

Now that I’ve been writing Camera 47 for a couple of years and have hit a few milestones – I’ve tried to reflect a bit on some of the most and  least popular posts from the blog.  Today I’m passing along some from the “least” list  – if not for anything else – maybe you can avoid similar mistakes.low res rodeo for biggest flops

So – in no particular order – here you go – the 5 Biggest Flops on Camera 47:

  1. Angry Birds.  I have to admit – I was really looking forward to hitting the submit button on this one.  To my caffeine-saturated eyes – this one looked like a winner.  In all reality – it sits here as one the largest flops on C47.  But, hey, why stop here – there’s still 4 more…
  2. Turkey Cutting Video.  This little video saved the turkey from its yearly shredding at our house.  Heck – I liked this video so much – I’ve posted it twice.  It’s received little to no attention both years.
  3. Sports Photography article.  Rodeo, rugby, ultimate frisbee.  It’s managed only a few clicks more than the turkey cutting video.
  4. 4 1/2 business books.  Heck, no one read this post.  Turkey cutting was more popular.
  5. Not regularly hitting the submit button.  And the reality of this one is that folks like an updated blog.  C47 has had a few dry spells.

And just to let you know – you might find the turkey cutting video posted again at Thanksgiving.  Seriously – it’s that good  🙂


Saturday Night Rodeo

PFR - Saturday - quick low res-1

A big “thank you” isn’t big enough to the folks at the Canon Factory Service Center in Irvine for getting the 50D back in working order in record time (new shutter) so that I could have it in hand for the second half of this four-day event.

Those folks are great to work with.

And speaking of “this event” – it’s Saturday night rodeo – and the place was packed.  I didn’t see an empty seat in the arena tonight.

As it’s late – I’ll just shoot a quick one your way – a little  saddle bronc.  It was either this or the barrelman (JJ Harrison) in a sumo / ballerina outfit.  Seriously – I can’t make this stuff up.

Rodeo Season 2010

PFR - Thursday - quickly low res-1For many, it’s already rodeo season.  But – my season typically starts with the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo.

It’s late (so I’ll keep this brief) – but here’s a couple from Thursday’s slack event.

PFR - Thursday - quickly low res-2

Wallpaper: June 2010

june 2010 - low res Funny thing about months – they’re pretty consistent – every 30 days or so there’s a new one.  But for some reason – I’m mostly caught off guard.  Heck if I know why – it’s just one of those things.

Nonetheless – you didn’t come here to listen to me prattle on about tripping into each month.  So – here it is – the June 2010 wallpaper.

It’s another rodeo shot.  I guess that puts me in a two month rut – but I know rodeo season is just around the corner (and I guess for some – it’s already arrived).

This bareback shot  is from last year’s Benton County Rodeo.  More images from this shoot can be found here.

Four sizes available for download: 1920×1080, 1600×1200, 1600×900, and 1366×768.


Update 9 June 2010: Thanks to “Mr. BT from Germany” for pointing out that my original June wallpaper had 31 days.  I’d like to blame it on all sorts of things – like coffee or dim lighting or that printer ran out of ink – but in reality – it was just my oversight.  Sorry about that.

Hopefully everything’s updated now.

Campus Rail Jam Tour 2010: OSU

campus rail jam tour - 2010-1The Campus Rail Jam Tour – locally known as “Snow in the Quad” – landed at Oregon State University on Friday evening – so I thought I’d go down there and try to grab a few frames.  As it turns out – this west coast sensation actually got its start on the OSU campus – and much of the crew has Beaver ties.

campus rail jam tour - 2010-5Straight away – I have to admit I hadn’t been to an event like this before – and didn’t know quite what to expect.  In the end – it’s everything you might imagine when you blend snow, beer garden, college campus, snowboarding, and music on a Friday evening in May.  It was pretty electric – and always loud.  In fact – next time – I should throw some ear plugs into the bag.

After picking up a media pass – I shot for the first hour or so.  I missed the skiers and the finals – but nonetheless – this event was a great photographic challenge and heck of a lot of fun to shoot.  If I’m able to make an event like this again – I’d be tempted to stick around a bit longer and try some wide glass.

If you ever get a chance to sport a media pass at an event like this – a few things to note:

  1. If you’re shooting long glass – spot meter is your friend.
  2. Athletes and gear are flying around you – and they’re not looking for you.  Seriously – be careful inside those ropes.
  3. There’s a lot of visual distractions – colors, logos, people, snow, sky, lights, gear, … compose accordingly.
  4. There will likely to be a flotilla of photogs in there – be polite.

The Campus Rail Jam tour wraps up next week in Portland – but keep your eyes open for next year’s tour.

campus rail jam tour - 2010-3 campus rail jam tour - 2010-9 campus rail jam tour - 2010-4campus rail jam tour - 2010-6

Wallpaper: May 2010

OK – my apologies to folks who came looking for an April wallpaper and didn’t find one – it just didn’t come together.  But we’re back with one for May – and though I’m not persuaded this makes up for a skipped month – I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

This steer wrestling photo is from the rodeo archives – and was shot at the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo – held on the second full weekend of July each year.

Four sizes are available for download: 1920×1080, 1366×768, 1600×900, and 1600×1200.

may 2010 - low res

Oregon State Rugby: 20 February 2010

OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-2

OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-1

More Oregon State rugby – this time Central Washington University was in town for both the A and B games.  CWU won the A matchup – and I’m not sure who won the B matchup.

And I ran into Ethan again on the sidelines.  The guy is doing some great work – check him out here and here.

OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-6OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-11 OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-10 OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-12OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-7

OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-9

OSU Rugby - 20 Feb 2010-20

OSU Rugby: 30 January 2010

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-6 Had  a chance today to catch some Oregon State University rugby.  Today’s A game was University of Victoria vs. OSU and the B game was Willamette University vs. OSU.

Due to the rain – games were moved from the Peavy fields to the Corvallis HS turf fields.  From  a photography perspective – I was actually hoping for a little mud.  On the other hand – I won’t have a pair of shoes sitting in the garage drying out for a week.

I don’t have scores from the first game – but it was a UVic win.  As for the second game – I left midway through – and I’m not sure how it finished up.

Had a chance to chat with OSU photography student, Ethan Erickson, also shooting on the sidelines.  Great guy – with some seriously good sports images.  Check out his blog here and his Flickr gallery here.

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-1

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-10

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-8

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-3

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-2

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-7OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-5

10 Rodeo Photos from 2009

Well – it’s that time of year for “Top 10” lists – so I thought I’d get it started with a little rodeo.

Images are from the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo and the Benton County Rodeo.  These are listed in no particular order.  Hope you enjoy them.

2009 PFR - low res - fun-11

2009 PFR - low res - fun-12 2009 PFR - low res - fun-10benton county rodeo 2009 - low res-1 benton county rodeo 2009 - low res-2benton county rodeo 2009 - low res-4benton county rodeo 2009 - low res-3

steer wrestling - top 10 - low res-1

tie down - top 10 - low res-1

bull riders - top 10 - low res-1