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Portraits and a Pink Umbrella

kat - jan 2012 low res-12(The image to the left is Kat holding one of her signature scooter photos).


Had a great opportunity for a portrait session with fellow photographer Kat Sloma (of Kat Eye Studio) a couple of weeks ago.  She had been asked for a headshot for an upcoming gig – and after a few images in her studio – we decided to head out on a frosty January morning for a few more.

So off to Starker Park we went.

This tree was set such that I was shooting the images from across a pond with a tele – and I was just hoping that the sun and pink umbrella and tree would somehow knit together into a cohesive shot.  I think the one below was probably my favorite image from the morning.

If you want to check out all of Kat’s great work and maybe even one of her classes – hop on over to Kat Eye Studio.

kat - jan 2012 low res-13

A Few From 2012

At the end of the year – I like this process of digging through the year’s photo shoebox and culling it to a few that I find striking.  Is there a unifying theme among the group?  No – not really.  But for some quirky reason or another – they’ve made the list.

So (in mostly) no particular order – here are a few from the year.

Top 10 - 2012-1Here a man  at an assisted living home holds onto an ornament given to him by a six year old girl.  Her church group had visited to sing Christmas carols.Top 10 - 2012-3From the NW Art & Air Festival.  Two photos – two photos of hands.  Hmmm….

NW Art and Air 2012-5

Another one from the NW Art & Air Festival.

Top 10 - 2012-6My wife and daughter really enjoyed the butterfly farm.  I know this particular butterfly is not quite “picture perfect” – but I really liked the contrast with this photo.

Top 10 - 2012-12 From the Philomath Classic Car Show – shot with a Lensbaby – if I recall correctly it was the Sweet 35 optic.

Top 10 - 2012-2

Coaching instructions to the Inn Keepers during rehearsal for the annual Christmas pageant.

Top 10 - 2012-10Butterflies and flowers in the same list!  This one from the Wooden Show annual tulip festival.  Fun with the fisheye.Top 10 - 2012-7

Someone quipped that this may be the most photographed tree in the world.  It’s possible.  This is from our afternoon at the Portland Japanese Garden.  Every time I open this photo up in Lightroom – I tweak it – still trying to get the oranges / reds / yellows / greens to match the photo in my head.

Portland Japanese Gardens-2 I have a blog post somewhere in the Drafts folder on our afternoon at the Portland Japanese Garden – but until I dig it up and dust it off – here’s another one.

Top 10 - 2012-19

From the Oregon Special Olympics – bocce ball.  I’ll be honest – I spent a few frames trying to get this one.  Not sure why – but I just really wanted to catch the ball bouncing with the trailing artificial dirt springing in the air. Top 10 - 2012-4When you’re shooting rodeo – it’s seldom a good idea to have this shot on your proof sheet.  🙂

Top 10 - 2012-5 It’s not often that two bull riding shots would make the list (typically it’s steer wrestling or saddle / bareback bronc …).  Here’s another one from the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo.

Top 10 - 2012-20From a family shoot this last fall – they made sure to bring their Orange and Black. A heck of a lot of fun.  Go Beavers!

Top 10 - 2012-13

Some wild irises from a sunrise shoot with Jim at Finley Wildlife Refuge.Top 10 - 2012-14Here’s Jim and Hugh walking back to the car after our last photo shoot together.  We miss you, Hugh.

Review: Jeremy Cowart’s Lifefinder DVD

Though typically not much of a video watching guy – I’ve picked up a few lately.  Much of this is catalyzed by the fact that not many of these great instructors land in the Pacific Northwest with great frequency – and when the do – it’s been pretty difficult for me to free up my schedule to make the trip up to Portland.   So – I ordered a copy of Jeremy Cowart’s Lifefinder DVD – and it landed in my mailbox the week between Christmas and the New Year.dvd review

There’s about 4 hours of video between the two DVD’s in the box.  The first DVD has a lot of odds and ends on it – ranging from Jeremy’s raw workflow to a bit on “projects of purpose” to an interview with Zack Arias.

On the first DVD – I really liked the his segments on “Projects of Purpose” and “Tour / Travel Photography”.

The second DVD is worth the price of admission.  It covers 9 shoots where you get the chance to watch Cowart in action.  Of most value to me was listening to his attention to detail on model placement within the scene (walls, textures, subtle buildings in the background) and his conversations with the models.

If Jeremy is not yet on your radar – check out his website – I think you’ll dig his work.  He’s definitely a talented photographer – and it’s great to get this chance to look over his shoulder.

And if you’re looking to work on your people photography (especially out of the studio) – just jump straight to the second DVD.

If I had one request – (and this is definitely not a “must”) it would be to put two copies of the video on the DVD – one to play on your PC – and one that could be copied to your portable electronic device of choice.  Kelby does this with his lighting books – and it has allowed me to watch or review the video without always having to be sitting at my desk.

Bottom line: if you’re working on your lifestyle or environmental portrait skills – this one is highly recommended.