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2014 Philomath Frolic & Rodeo: Rough Stock

Last week I shared a few from the Roping & Racing events.  This week – rough stock.

As it turns out, it was also an odd weekend for the bull riders as no one made it the full 8 seconds.  Good riders – just better bulls.

2014 PFR - Sunday - 1000px-14

Bull Riding

2014 PFR - Sunday - 1000px-15

Bull Riding

2014 PFR - Sunday - 1000px-20

That’s Bullfighter Cody Harsch.

2014 PFR - Sunday - 1000px-23

More Bull Riding

2014 PFR - Friday Night - 1000px-1

Bareback Bronc

2014 PFR - Sunday - 1000px-13

Saddle Bronc

2014 PFR - Friday Night - 1000px-4

Saddle Bronc

2014 Philomath Frolic & Rodeo: Roping & Racing

The Philomath Frolic & Rodeo just wrapped up another year and thankfully I had the chance to be out there again for three of the four shows.  Here’s a few from the roping and racing (plus one steer wrestling image).

2014 PFR - Sunday - 1000px-9

Steer Wrestling

2014 PFR - Sunday - 1000px-5

Tie Down Roping

2014 PFR - Sunday - 1000px-18

Barrel Racing

Yep, that’s Stevie Rae Willis of Stompin’ Ground fame.  I also have a photo of Sam Willis (her dad) steer wrestling here.

PFR 2014 - Thursday-1000px - 2

Team Roping

PFR 2014 - Thursday-1000px - 3

Break Away Roping

2014 PFR - Friday Night - 1000px-3

Tie Down Roping

Steer Wrestling @ the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo

Just finished up 4 days at the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo.  Still working on a stack of photos and a bit of video.  But so as not to keep you waiting – here’s another steer wrestling photo.

PFR 2013 - Sunday-1

Back to the Rodeo

Here’s a few from the Thursday night action at the 2013 Philomath Frolic & Rodeo.

Steer wrestling.  Here’s one of those moments just after the steer stops mid run and the bulldogger is about to come up empty handed.

PFR - Thursday - 2013-2

Team roping.  Shot this one wide.

PFR - Thursday - 2013-3

Tie down roping.  Just one of those days.

PFR - Thursday - 2013-1

Rodeo Week: Rough Stock

And to wrap up Rodeo Week – here are a few rough stock photos from the 2012 Philomath Frolic and Rodeo.

The concept?  Just hold on for 8 seconds with one hand.

In no particular order:

  • Bareback bronc.
  • Bull riding.
  • Readying for a bull ride.
  • Saddle bronc.
  • Not all rides go to plan.
  • Saddle bronc.
  • Bareback bronc.
  • Time to move to another shooting location.  🙂

PFR 2012 - Sunday-2

PFR 2012 - Sunday-23

PFR 2012 - Friday-11

PFR 2012 - Friday-6 PFR 2012 - Sunday-5

PFR 2012 - Friday-7PFR 2012 - Friday-4PFR 2012 - Sunday-18

Rodeo Week: Bullfighters

Two good guys: Cody Harsch and Jason McCall.  In the bottom photo – you can see Jason wearing a GoPro camera on his hat (provided by Paul King).

PFR 2012 - Sunday-24 PFR 2012 - Sunday-16PFR 2012 - Sunday-15 PFR 2012 - Sunday-14

Rodeo Week Bonus: Donkey Racing!

OK – maybe Donkey Racing isn’t much of a bonus  🙂  – but I thought I’d just share it with you all (just in case you’ve not yet had a chance to see this).

The idea is straight forward: A team of two has a single donkey. One person rides the donkey (with no saddle) the length of the arena – while the other often has the rope – hopefully guiding the donkey and rider down the course. Then the teammates swap positions and the other one rides the donkey to the finish line. Easy concept – difficult in execution.

Over the years – I’ve seen a number of techniques – neither of these are uncommon.

PFR 2012 Sunday-50

PFR 2012 - Sunday-21

Rodeo Week: Steer Wrestling

Steer wrestling.  Easy concept: jump from a speeding horse onto a running steer and simply apply the brakes.

PFR 2012 - Sunday-9

Rodeo Week Bonus: It’s (Not) About the Gear

As it turns out – my 6 year old daughter likes to sling a camera, too.

This one is from the bleachers with her red $77 HP point and shoot camera.  She took it upon herself to crop it cuz she felt it looked better with some of the background removed.  🙂

Her favorite editing software?  The stuff that came with her first Crayola digital camera.  One day (about a year ago) she was playing with it – and when I looked up – she had completely removed all of the people from one of her tulip festival photos and replaced them with blue sky.

I’m beginning to wonder if she’s been watching Scott Kelby tutorials instead of Imagination Movers…

Rodeo 2012 014

Rodeo Week: A Bit of Backstage

There’s a lot going on backstage at a rodeo.  Here’s a bit from behind the chutes.

PFR 2012 - Friday-8 PFR 2012 - Sunday-1PFR 2012 - Friday-10

PFR 2012 - Sunday-12