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Top Photos from 2014

Is it too late for a “2014 Best of” post?  Hopefully this one is only arriving “casually late”.  Smile

That said, regardless of your photography experience, I think it’s a good practice to go through your photos periodically and choose a few that you consider to be among the best.  The transition from December to January provides, if nothing else, a convenient marker.

So, in no particular order, here are a few from my 2014 archive.



10 for 2014-1

This is arguably my best Milky Way image.  More details here.

10 for 2014-2

From a quick trip up to Mt St Helens – here’s an image of the edge of the crater that I’d posted over on the Facebook page.

10 for 2014-3

And there I was standing on the Morrison Bridge (trying to get an image for the Bite of Oregon) when the bridge went up.  I also posted a number of images from that gig over on the Camera 47 Facebook page.

10 for 2014-4

From the Harrisburg Harvest Festival and Tractor Pull.  More images from that afternoon can be found here.

10 for 2014-5

Who would have thought that fisheye lenses and historic bombers were a great combination?  More images of this B-17 can be found here.

10 for 2014-6

2014 was the year that I learned about the IR72 filter + X100s.  More details can be found here.

10 for 2014-7

Happened to be in San Francisco for business and brought the X100s along.  This is a panorama cobbled together from a series of handheld images.

10 for 2014-8

Could I really have an annual list of photos and not have a rodeo image?

10 for 2014-9

Or two?  More images from this year’s Philomath Frolic and Rodeo can be found here and here.  If you’re looking for more rodeo – check out the Exposure story.

10 for 2014-10

Or some hot air balloon photos?

10 for 2014-11

Just playing.  This photo can also be found over on my Exposure.co site.

10 for 2014-14

Had a chance to shoot some Polar Plunges for Oregon Special Olympics. The Portland event had a group of Super Plungers that ran once an hour for 24 hours into the very chilly Columbia River.  I posted a number of photos from my time with the Super Plungers over on the Camera 47 Facebook page.

10 for 2014-15

Just a bit of flooding here in Corvallis.

10 for 2014-16

More Viking! At the Bend Polar Plunge.  More images from my trip to Bend can be found here.

10 for 2014-17

The debut of Saddle Shop over the summer.  You can see more from this gig over at Exposure.co.

top 10-21

Was looking for a vintage-feeling portrait for this one that connected the student, his school, and sport.

top 10-22

At the county fair for a dance performance and happened to have the X100s + IR72 filter with me.  Really dug the architecture + sun + colors on this one.  I thought the combination provided an unexpected industrial feel.

dog in shadow-1

Our dog was waiting for a bit of beef jerky in some pretty strong light with shadow.

Christmas morning-1

Christmas morning sunrise over Fish Lake just outside Leavenworth, WA.  Not sure what created all of the sparkles speckles.  I’m guessing it was a really dirty filter.  Then, again, it was Christmas morning.

Dollar Lake and Mt Hood

Had the opportunity to go backpacking with the dudes this last weekend in the Mt Hood wilderness area here in Oregon.  We set up camp at Dollar Lake on the north side of Mt Hood with a day hike up to Black Knoll on Saturday (and a bit beyond).  Below are a few from the trip (all with the X100s).

Thanks, Jim, for pulling the trip details together.  Great location!


Up on Black Knoll, it simply felt like we were face-to-face with Mt Hood.  Just a side note: this image was with the X100s (equivalent to 35mm focal length) and is not a telephoto compressed image. 

Dudes Go Packpacking 2014 - 1000px-23

Dudes Go Packpacking 2014 - 1000px-28

Just some low light fun and glowing tents.

Dudes Go Packpacking 2014 - 1000px-41

This image was cobbled together about 20 feet outside my tent. 

Dudes Go Packpacking 2014 - 1000px-57

Dollar Lake and Mt Hood (and more IR72 filter fun on the X100s).

Dudes Go Packpacking 2014 - 1000px-62

Burnt Lake

On Labor Day I had the chance to get out for a day hike with Jim up to Burnt Lake in the Mt Hood Wilderness.  It was just a 6.5 mile or so round trip – but I took more gear than any one person should be allowed on a day hike.  Fortunately, I had the f-Stop Loka backpack and it performed flawlessly down the trail.

And in no particular order here are a few photos from the outing.

Not too much later after this first photo – Mt Hood was mostly blanketed by clouds.

Burnt Lake 2013 - low res-7

We found Lost Creek Falls.  I great little spot.  The greens were quite lush – but I sort of liked the B&W treatment on this one.

Burnt Lake 2013 - low res-10

Late-morning light peaking through trees on the trail.

Burnt Lake 2013 - low res-2

Flashback: Nikon Coolpix 880

nikon 880 My first digital camera was the Nikon Coolpix 880 in 2000.  Before then – it was just me and the Canon Rebel G.  Truth be told – had I known about it – I probably would have saved my pennies for the Canon PowerShot G1.  But – I didn’t.

Fast forward to 2009 – and I haven’t shot a frame of film in something like 5 years.  It’s been all DSLR’s, frames per second, and low light capability.

Billy window-4But not in 2000.

No, in 2000, it was shutter lag and 3MP – there was no RAW – only jpg and tiff.  And we liked it that way!  (OK – maybe not – I just didn’t know any better.)

The ISO range was 100, 200, and 400 – but 400 wasn’t really a good idea.  And it took compact flash cards.  I had a couple of them – my “big” card was a whopping 256MB.

The Nikon 880 was definitely small and easily fit in a jacket pocket.  It shot movie clips – with no sound.  Not sure why – it just didn’t.

The image quality – overall – was pretty good for digital P&S’s of the day.  But it was always a little “hot” – the reds were typically really red.

clear lake butte lookout-4The picture up top of Billy Lanham, local blues musician, was shot in downtown Albany (Oregon).  If I remember correctly – the session was primarily in film – and this was a sort of “hey, what the heck – try this…”.

The tower is actually a vertical panorama (2 images) of the Clear Lake Butte fire lookout tower – rentable in winter within the Mt Hood National Forest.  We had snow shoed in for a quick overnight trip.  As for blending the images – if I recall – it was likely some free HP software available at the time.

And this last image of Isaac and Danielle was from my first crack at wedding / engagement photography – back in 2002.

engagement photo-4

In short – the 880 was my introduction to digital photography – and to Adobe Elements.  Neither did I gain much proficiency in at the time.  Somewhere along the way, though, I saw the Canon 10D – and was hooked.  When the 20D was announced – I pre-ordered it the next day.

So – what happened to that little shooter?  Well – it met Mr. Dremel one night in hopes that I could get the IR filter out and turn it into a dedicated IR camera.  The lens never quite worked after that.