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2015 Great Oregon Steam Up: Part 2

Yesterday’s post from the 2015 Great Oregon Steam Up had images from the Oregon Electric Railway Museum.  Today’s post includes steam tractors, fire trucks, and some farm tractors.

If you read yesterday’s post – just for fun, I suggested that the last photo gave a hint about today’s post.  That hint: IR.  As for the images today: each of these continue my experiment with IR + X100S.

So, let’s talk a bit about the IR process.  With this technique, if you’ve not yet had the chance to work with an IR filter – the images out of camera can look like this:

steam up - 2000px-41

A very orangey / red photo.  Blah.

So, the challenge when working with IR images is deciding on the best technique to get them to something that looks interesting.  There are some great techniques out there – and I’m constantly fiddling with mine – but generally my steps include (1) apply my custom LR preset (2) flip the red / blue channels (3) adjust as needed.  The results can look something like this:

steam up - ir-50

But during this batch, I guess I was feeling a bit impatient, and started fidgeting with the photos after the preset – and I sort of stumbled on what I’m going to call Bleached IR.  So,  here’s a few from that set.

steam up - 2000px-2

steam up - 2000px-4

To be honest, for these very industrial tools – I like this treatment.

But maybe it was the “vintageness” of the hardware that inspired me to add a bit of “remix” sauce to a few.  So – here’s a few with the the Bleached IR + Remix:

steam up - 2000px-5

steam up - 2000px-6

steam up - 2000px-10

2015 Great Oregon Steam Up: Part 1

steam up - 2000px-20This last Saturday, I had a chance to head out to the annual Great Oregon Steam Up.  It’s an event I haven’t visited in a few years – and much like car shows – these sorts of photos are not my strength – making it a great challenge to pull together a few reasonable photos.  Just for fun – I’m going to split this post into two parts.  Part 2 is scheduled for tomorrow.

So what’s out at Steam Up?  Well, the focus is on vintage equipment: farm tractors, steam engines, fire trucks, construction, and early engines (e.g. hit and miss).  Demonstrations include flour making, logging, and blacksmithing.  And, if that’s not enough, there’s also a swap meet for folks looking for vintage parts and what-not.steam up - 2000px-21

Part 1 of this two part series will focus primarily on the Oregon Electric Railway Museum – a relatively small part of the event – but a part I like to visit.  Within the car barn are a number of pieces from around the world.  And outside the barn are a few (I assume) electric buses in various states of decay.

This year I went light on the gear – just the X100S and the Fuji Instax Mini 90.

If you’re in the Oregon area, you can still make it out there – the 2015 Great Oregon Steam Up runs through next weekend (1-2 August).


If I remember correctly, the car below is from Portugal.

steam up - 2000px-23

These next two photos are part of my recent Fuji Instax experiment.

steam up - 2000px-30

steam up - 2000px-31

And this last one gives a bit of a hint about tomorrow’s post.

steam up - 2000px-9

Steam Up 2009

rail car museum-3OK – I’ve covered The Great Oregon Steam Up before – but this year – I thought I’d focus on the Oregon Electric Railway Museum – which is co-located at the Steam Up site.

Hugh and I made the trip up to Brooks this last weekend for the annual event – and though I knew the Railway Museum was there – I’d never really seen it open – rail car museum-5or at least what I recognized as “open”.  In years past, this limited me to just shooting the cars that were sitting outside the museum – like the Metro at the bottom of the post.

This year – I happened to pop my head inside an open door – and stumbled onto this great international collection of old trolleys – all in some stage of restoration.rail car pan-1 The panorama – though not a perfect panorama – shows much of the museum from the top deck of a 1927 double decker from Blackpool, England.

And of course – the vintage advertising caught my eye.  Good stuff.

Photographically – a couple of things.

  1. This was indoors – in a rail car museum-6warehouse – the lighting is middlin’ at best.  Fast lenses will help – as will any image stabilization that you may have on your camera / lens.  I was shooting a Canon 24mm f/2.8 on the 50D – which doesn’t have stabilization.
  2. If you need to crank up the ISO to get the shots – then do it.  It’s always better to get the shot.
  3. Tripods would likely work in here – but I much prefer to work fast and light.
  4. It’s difficult to eliminate the surroundings.  Be creative.

As for the rest of Steam Up – it’s all still there.  The vintage farm tractors, steam tractors, small steam engines, fire trucks, old cars, and demonstrations.  So, if you find yourself in the Willamette Valley this weekend – check it out.

rail car museum-2

rail car museum-1

Great Oregon Steam Up

steam up - low res blog-5Steam engines and old tractors – it’s either something you want to go shoot or you simply have no interest.  I just happen to be one of the photogs that puts this event on my summer shooting calendar.  The annual Great Oregon Steam-Up is held in Salem, Oregon and hosts steam engines, vintage tractors, fire trucks, and a few cars.

steam up - low res blog-3 I tend to pack the 70-200mm for this event, shoot mostly at f/4 (on aperture priority), and just wander around and take photos.  Morning is nice as the steam engines are just starting up for the day – and the crowds are a bit lighter. 

With steam engines, I tend to frame steam, pipes, gears, dials, and moving parts.  With old tractors it’s lights, gauges, grills, and logos.  With the fire trucks, it could be a lot of things – but I still haven’t found my groove yet with the old fire trucks.  Guess I’ll have to go back next year and try again…

steam up - low res blog-1If you’re in Oregon – and old metal is your thing – this is a great event.  Tickets are reasonable and can be bought at the gate.

steam up - low res blog-2