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More Hasselblad-to-EOS Tilt Adapter – this time at 50mm

Previously I wrote about the Hasselblad-to-EOS tilt adapter with the 80 f/2.8.  Brilliant glass – and a lot of fun – just a bit long.    So – I began scanning the pages of KEH – hoping to find a good bargain on a 50mm Hasselblad lens (anything wider than 50mm is quite expensive – especially for as often that I’d use the glass).

And pretty quickly – I found another “Bargain” lens.

After it arrived – I took it out for a morning shoot just to see how the whole combination worked.  And generally – I’d have to say – I liked it.

Of course – it’s Hasselblad glass.  And – if you haven’t yet had a chance to shoot with some of this old glass – it’s just fun.  I also liked the 50mm focal length – and the price was great.  However – after a bit of time with the lens – it became evident that this one had a rough spot in the focus ring – so – with some reluctance – I returned it.  Of course – KEH has been great throughout the process – and I look forward to working with them again.  I imagine they didn’t even know about the focus ring on this one before sending it out.  Heck – it wasn’t until I was already in the field shooting that I stumbled onto it.

But – as I had the lens out and about – here are a few of the images from it coupled to the Hasselblad tilt adapter on a Canon 50D.  Nothing here for the walls – but hopefully an idea of how it performed.


tilt 50mm test - sept 2011 - low res-4tilt 50mm test - sept 2011 - low res-5

tilt 50mm test - sept 2011 - low res-3

tilt 50mm test - sept 2011 - low res-6