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Photo Story: Cheesy Stuffed Burgers

Last fall, I did something that was definitely outside of my comfort zone … I approached a local food cart, Cheesy Stuffed Burgers,  and asked if I could do a photo story on them.

csb cover photo

Just to be clear, this wasn’t one of those times when I’d already built some sort of low-level casual relationship.  Nope.  The bottom line was that they made some awesome hamburgers that not only did I like – but my family liked, too.  And when I recommended them to friends – they liked them, too.   They seemed like great people and a fun, local business – and the idea of a project sounded like a creative challenge.

So, after placing an order one time, I said something like “hey, I was wondering if you folks might be interested in a photo story”.  Except – I probably sounded at the cart 3-10even more stilted and awkward than that.  And Janice – one of the owners very cheerfully and kindly said – “Sure – drop us an email”.  So, I did – and included links to my portfolio, Facebook page, and Exposure stories.

Then I met with Mark (Janice’s husband) and pitched the idea to him – and we started that weekend.  The funny thing – the trio of owners hadn’t yet looked at my portfolio.  They just thought it would be fun – and we seemed to connect well.  That was enough.

I showed up at 1oPM on that first Saturday night and shot to midnight:thirty or so.  And it was way different than I thought it was going to be.  And it was a heck of a lot of fun.

Fast forward to a few months later –  and I’ve now published that photo story.  If you get the chance, check it out.  Better yet – if you’re in the Corvallis area – go get yourself a burger and fries.  My favorite?  The Sriracha Burger.

at the cart 3-5

Best of 2015: Everything Else

Earlier this week, I posted a few “best of 2015” rodeo images.  So, here’s a few from the “everything else” bucket.

Looking over these images – there’s quite a bit of low light work in here.  I don’t recall setting that as a 2015 goal – but if the shoe fits…

In no particular order:

These next two photos are from a yet-to-be-published project with a local food cart.



From a basketball tournament for Oregon Special Olympics.



Cliff Lake at sunset in the Seven Lakes Basin (Oregon).

best of-1

Milky Way over Big Lake (Oregon).

best of-2

Milky Way over Waldo Lake (Oregon).

best of-3

And, of course, a few hot air balloon photos.

hot air balloons-1

hot air balloons-2

hot air balloons-5

hot air balloons-6

These next few images are from the photo story I did on the Super Plungers – a small group of Polar Plungers that jump once an hour for 24 hours into the very cold Columbia River – as part of a larger event to raise funds for Oregon Special Olympics.

super plungers-1

super plungers-3

super plungers-4

super plungers-5

super plungers-8

The 2011 Worldwide Photowalk – from Corvallis, Oregon

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-6On Saturday morning we had about 20 photo walkers join the 2011 Worldwide Photowalk here in Corvallis.  We met first thing down at New Morning Bakery – and shortly after 8AM – we were in route to the Farmers’ Market – where I think much of the group spent most of the morning.

The weather forecast was a bit uncertain – but thankfully – the rain stayed away until long after our walk.

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-2 At around 10AM – the group reconvened back at New Morning Bakery for a bit of story telling and image sharing (and some of that great New Morning food!)

To be honest – I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos from folks – this was a great group with a lot of talent.

For the morning – I traveled pretty light – shooting with just the 50D while splitting my time between the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS and the new Lensbaby Sweet Optic 35.  I’ll try to get a full review of that Lensababy optic posted soon – but I’ll just let you know now – it has become my favorite LB optic to date.

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-3

If you want to read updates from two other Corvallis photo walkers – check out these posts:

  • You’ll dig this one – not only was Kat out shooting some great photos – but she was out shooting color wheel combos.  Seriously.  Triadic schemes.  Check out her post here.
  • And Helen has already posted a slideshow of colorful photos from the market on her blog  here.

And I think it’s still a bit empty – but check out the Corvallis group’s Flickr page from the 2011 Worldwide Photowalk (hopefully more photos will be added soon).

Did you join a photowalk this weekend?  If so – let us know how it went – and please leave us a link to your photos in the comments.