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2015 Great Oregon Steam Up: Part 2

Yesterday’s post from the 2015 Great Oregon Steam Up had images from the Oregon Electric Railway Museum.  Today’s post includes steam tractors, fire trucks, and some farm tractors.

If you read yesterday’s post – just for fun, I suggested that the last photo gave a hint about today’s post.  That hint: IR.  As for the images today: each of these continue my experiment with IR + X100S.

So, let’s talk a bit about the IR process.  With this technique, if you’ve not yet had the chance to work with an IR filter – the images out of camera can look like this:

steam up - 2000px-41

A very orangey / red photo.  Blah.

So, the challenge when working with IR images is deciding on the best technique to get them to something that looks interesting.  There are some great techniques out there – and I’m constantly fiddling with mine – but generally my steps include (1) apply my custom LR preset (2) flip the red / blue channels (3) adjust as needed.  The results can look something like this:

steam up - ir-50

But during this batch, I guess I was feeling a bit impatient, and started fidgeting with the photos after the preset – and I sort of stumbled on what I’m going to call Bleached IR.  So,  here’s a few from that set.

steam up - 2000px-2

steam up - 2000px-4

To be honest, for these very industrial tools – I like this treatment.

But maybe it was the “vintageness” of the hardware that inspired me to add a bit of “remix” sauce to a few.  So – here’s a few with the the Bleached IR + Remix:

steam up - 2000px-5

steam up - 2000px-6

steam up - 2000px-10

2009 Portland International Auto Show

2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-1Looking back on my photo archives – I’ve attended the Portland International Auto Show since 2004.  And if my memory serves me correctly, I went a time or two before that.  Either way, when it’s that auto show time of year, I try to leave the cube for a day and scoot on up to Portland2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-3 with a few other guys.  We try to go on the first day of the show, Thursday, as it’s far less crowded than on the weekend.  In years past – we’ve also made a bit of a tradition to eat at Campbell’s BBQ on Powell (though we didn’t make it over there this year).  Good stuff.

2009’s show was visibly scaled back over previous years and I don’t recall a single concept car.   This show is not the size of the Detroit, New York, or Los Angeles auto shows – but typically there’s at least one or two concept cars.

So, why have I made it an unofficial annual trek?  Twofold, really.

2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-6 First, I’m not really a “car guy” – but it’s a great reason to take the day off from work with friends with the side benefit of crawling through new cars – just to kick the tires – as they say.  Second, cars on the floor of an auto show are really difficult to photograph.

2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-5 Most folks have seen good car photography – it’s everywhere in advertising.  Now, imagine the challenge to grab a reasonable image of a car sitting on a convention center floor, with crazy lighting, people everywhere, and someone behind the wheel making vroom-vroom sounds.

2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-4

Typically, my favorite lens for this venue is the Canon 24mm f/2.8.  It’s wide, fast, sharp, and I just zoom with my feet.  And, again, that lens was in my bag.  But this year, I added the Lensbaby – just for fun.  And after a lot of sputtering – there were a few reasonable images from the day.  I don’t think Car & Driver will be calling anytime soon – but they’re OK to share with friends. 2009 PDX Auto Show for blog-2

This year, there was an exhibit with a few cars representing each decade – going back 100 years.  Very cool.  We didn’t find the exhibit until after lunch – but that’s where I took the most images.

And the cars?  In order: Nissan, Maserati (if I remember correctly), 1946 Dodge, 1913 Case, 1953 Ferrari, and Dodge Viper.