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Test & Tune at the Willamette Speedway

Willamette Speedway August 2015-10

This had been on my “list” for awhile and last Friday night during their Test & Tune evening, a buddy and I headed on out to the dirt track at the Willamette Speedway.  It’s just unfortunate that I can’t push some dirt, exhaust, and engine rumbling through the screen to you.

This was the first time I’d taken the opportunity to shoot fast moving cars and, truth be told, it was a heck of a lot of fun.  The Test & Tune format really provided a great opportunity to get some daylight images without a lot of distraction.

At the Willamette Speedway, these Test & Tune nights are free to attend but for $15 you can get yourself in the pit.  If you’re asking – it was worth the $15.

And if I have my classes right – #25, #90, #31, and #22 are Street Stock.  #0 is Modified and #33 and #2 are Super Sports.

Willamette Speedway August 2015-1

Willamette Speedway August 2015-5

Willamette Speedway August 2015-7

Willamette Speedway August 2015-4

Willamette Speedway August 2015-6

Willamette Speedway August 2015-9

A Few From 2012

At the end of the year – I like this process of digging through the year’s photo shoebox and culling it to a few that I find striking.  Is there a unifying theme among the group?  No – not really.  But for some quirky reason or another – they’ve made the list.

So (in mostly) no particular order – here are a few from the year.

Top 10 - 2012-1Here a man  at an assisted living home holds onto an ornament given to him by a six year old girl.  Her church group had visited to sing Christmas carols.Top 10 - 2012-3From the NW Art & Air Festival.  Two photos – two photos of hands.  Hmmm….

NW Art and Air 2012-5

Another one from the NW Art & Air Festival.

Top 10 - 2012-6My wife and daughter really enjoyed the butterfly farm.  I know this particular butterfly is not quite “picture perfect” – but I really liked the contrast with this photo.

Top 10 - 2012-12 From the Philomath Classic Car Show – shot with a Lensbaby – if I recall correctly it was the Sweet 35 optic.

Top 10 - 2012-2

Coaching instructions to the Inn Keepers during rehearsal for the annual Christmas pageant.

Top 10 - 2012-10Butterflies and flowers in the same list!  This one from the Wooden Show annual tulip festival.  Fun with the fisheye.Top 10 - 2012-7

Someone quipped that this may be the most photographed tree in the world.  It’s possible.  This is from our afternoon at the Portland Japanese Garden.  Every time I open this photo up in Lightroom – I tweak it – still trying to get the oranges / reds / yellows / greens to match the photo in my head.

Portland Japanese Gardens-2 I have a blog post somewhere in the Drafts folder on our afternoon at the Portland Japanese Garden – but until I dig it up and dust it off – here’s another one.

Top 10 - 2012-19

From the Oregon Special Olympics – bocce ball.  I’ll be honest – I spent a few frames trying to get this one.  Not sure why – but I just really wanted to catch the ball bouncing with the trailing artificial dirt springing in the air. Top 10 - 2012-4When you’re shooting rodeo – it’s seldom a good idea to have this shot on your proof sheet.  🙂

Top 10 - 2012-5 It’s not often that two bull riding shots would make the list (typically it’s steer wrestling or saddle / bareback bronc …).  Here’s another one from the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo.

Top 10 - 2012-20From a family shoot this last fall – they made sure to bring their Orange and Black. A heck of a lot of fun.  Go Beavers!

Top 10 - 2012-13

Some wild irises from a sunrise shoot with Jim at Finley Wildlife Refuge.Top 10 - 2012-14Here’s Jim and Hugh walking back to the car after our last photo shoot together.  We miss you, Hugh.

Friday Fone Foto

OK – just for fun – another one from the Philomath Classic Car Show.

If you happen to be on Instagram – you can check out my entire feed at Camera47.


Philomath Classic Car Show

philomath auto show-5On Saturday – we decided to walk through the Philomath Classic Car Show.  Not only was it a good day to get out as summer has finally arrived here in the NW – but, as it turns out, I haven’t leveled a camera on a group of cars in some time.

philomath auto show-3To be honest – I find car shows one of the single most difficult places to photograph.  Why?  Well – for starters – most folks have an idea of what a ‘55 Chevy truck ought to look like.  It’s a tall challenge to create a compelling car photo.  And creating one at a car show – with people and clutter and more cars in the background is simply that much more of a task.

That said – every now and then – I like to go to a car show with a camera and see if I can possibly create an image or two.

For this one – I decided, for the most part, to restrict my tools and I shot most of the day with either the Lensbaby Sweet 35 or the Sigma 10mm fisheye.

The Lensbaby Sweet 35 (for folks not familiar with it – it’s a selective focus optic) is great for melting the back ground away in that Lensbaby blur.  On the other hand, the fisheye requires a completely different approach – and I was often shooting just inches from the car in an attempt to eliminate background clutter.

When shooting classic cars (and really anything) – B&W can also be a pretty good tool to help eliminate background distractions.

And yes, my proof sheet has a whole bunch of bulbous bumpers in it from the fisheye – but I decided to save you from them.   🙂

proof sheet

If you check out the Camera47 Instagram feed – there’s a few more photos over there, too.

As always – all feedback welcome. philomath auto show-6

Friday Fone Foto

While waiting in the Trader Joe’s parking lot – my daughter and I were treated to an impromptu Model A show when one of the members was forced into a repair while out on a weekend drive.  If I recall correctly – there were about 5 or 6 Model A’s on hand from the local Albany, OR club.