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Mounted Shooting

Benton County Rodeo - Mounted Shooting - 2013-2Over the last few years I’ve had a chance to shoot some rodeo and it’s been a heck of a lot of fun.  But on Saturday – while shooting over at the Benton County (Fair &) Rodeo – they had an event new to me – mounted shooting.

And, yes, I was completely out of position (should have been on the other end of the arena for this course) – but I’m really looking forward to trying it again.

That said – it’s not often that you see a rodeo queen with a single action Colt .45.  Yep – that’s Nicole Schrock, the current Miss Rodeo Oregon, trying her hand at mounted shooting.

Benton County Rodeo - Mounted Shooting - 2013-4

And another one.

Benton County Rodeo - Mounted Shooting - 2013-1

BTW – if gear is your thing (or if you’re mulling teleconverters)– here’s a possible data point for you – I shot the entire afternoon with a Canon 1.4x teleconverter on a 70-200 f/4L.  There was plenty of action and plenty of light making it was a great combination.  Of course, the teleconverter will drop you a stop – equivalent of f/5.6.  Only once or twice did the autofocus refuse to cooperate – but more likely due to operator error.  And, if you’ve read this far – you might find it interesting that this isn’t the latest version – I was able to pick up a used second generation 1.4x over at Adorama.

Saturday Afternoon at the Rodeo

Headed on out to the Benton County (Fair &) Rodeo on Saturday to shoot a few photos.

Have I mentioned before that I think Team Roping is probably the most difficult rodeo event to shoot?  If so – let me say it again…

And – the last shot?  Well – that’s from the last ride of the weekend – an 84 point performance by Charlie Skidgel on Disco Dog – to take it all home.  One heck of a performance.

So – in no particular order – here you go.

“Back Stage”

Benton County Rodeo - 2011 - for the blog-1Just never know exactly what you’re going to get when you aim a lens at steer wrestlers.  Really a lot of fun to photograph.

Benton County Rodeo - 2011 - for the blog-6

Saddle broncBenton County Rodeo - 2011 - for the blog-4 Team Roping

Benton County Rodeo - 2011 - for the blog-9

A little barrel racing (and a little fun with a longer exposure). Benton County Rodeo - 2011 - for the blog-10 Bull Riding.

Benton County Rodeo - 2011 - for the blog-13 Benton County Rodeo - 2011 - for the blog-16

And – well – since you stuck around this long – I thought maybe I’d pass along something I tried on Saturday that I think worked pretty well.

As it turns out – it’s not always easy to keep track of what order riders actually ride (for example – Chase was third on the list for bull riders – but he rode last).  Often – a quick snapshot of the scoreboard before or after the ride will help – but – at small rodeos like this one – there’s no scoreboard.  On Saturday – I happen to put a small Zoom H2 on a Gorillapod and wrapped it onto a fence and just let it run for the length of the show – just for fun.  It not only delivered a great soundtrack – but I used it to confirm the rider / bull combo for the 84 point ride.

Benton County Rodeo 2010

Benton County Rodeo - a few for blog - low res-1Had a chance to shoot a little rodeo on Saturday afternoon.  And while I was out there – I worked on a some things – such as a few new angles (for me) – and some panning.

Benton County Rodeo - a few for blog - low res-5For example – I typically don’t sit near the start of the roping events (nor to the side – for that matter) – and during tie down and breakaway you’ll most likely find me at the far end of the arena – shooting straight on – but Saturday afternoon – that’s exactly where I was sitting.  And I was close enough to the action that the 70-200mm was too long.  So – I worked with the 17-55mm – and some panning techniques.

As for the panning – I should have re-read my notes / exif data from the Philomath rodeo.  For some reason – caught up in the moment – I set the shutter speed at 1/20 – instead of something better suited to horses – say near 1/40 or 1/50.  As it turns out – while panning cars or bikes or even people – the motion of travel is relatively smooth.  With horses – not only are they moving straight ahead – but they also jostle up and down – adding to the challenge.  I’m still middlin’ on the image below – but I include it here to show my homework.

Benton County Rodeo - a few for blog - low res-2

And speaking of the 17-55mm – it’s been a great lens (picked it up shortly before Willamette Celebration) – and hopefully I’ll cobble together a review in the not too distant future.  That said – it’s not a perfect lens (is there a “perfect” lens?) –but, so far, I’ve really enjoyed shooting it.  It’s sharp, focuses reasonably fast, and the images look great.  On the 50D – I really appreciate the 17mm.

Benton County Rodeo - a few for blog - low res-4

Wallpaper: June 2010

june 2010 - low res Funny thing about months – they’re pretty consistent – every 30 days or so there’s a new one.  But for some reason – I’m mostly caught off guard.  Heck if I know why – it’s just one of those things.

Nonetheless – you didn’t come here to listen to me prattle on about tripping into each month.  So – here it is – the June 2010 wallpaper.

It’s another rodeo shot.  I guess that puts me in a two month rut – but I know rodeo season is just around the corner (and I guess for some – it’s already arrived).

This bareback shot  is from last year’s Benton County Rodeo.  More images from this shoot can be found here.

Four sizes available for download: 1920×1080, 1600×1200, 1600×900, and 1366×768.


Update 9 June 2010: Thanks to “Mr. BT from Germany” for pointing out that my original June wallpaper had 31 days.  I’d like to blame it on all sorts of things – like coffee or dim lighting or that printer ran out of ink – but in reality – it was just my oversight.  Sorry about that.

Hopefully everything’s updated now.