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Top Photos from 2014

Is it too late for a “2014 Best of” post?  Hopefully this one is only arriving “casually late”.  Smile

That said, regardless of your photography experience, I think it’s a good practice to go through your photos periodically and choose a few that you consider to be among the best.  The transition from December to January provides, if nothing else, a convenient marker.

So, in no particular order, here are a few from my 2014 archive.



10 for 2014-1

This is arguably my best Milky Way image.  More details here.

10 for 2014-2

From a quick trip up to Mt St Helens – here’s an image of the edge of the crater that I’d posted over on the Facebook page.

10 for 2014-3

And there I was standing on the Morrison Bridge (trying to get an image for the Bite of Oregon) when the bridge went up.  I also posted a number of images from that gig over on the Camera 47 Facebook page.

10 for 2014-4

From the Harrisburg Harvest Festival and Tractor Pull.  More images from that afternoon can be found here.

10 for 2014-5

Who would have thought that fisheye lenses and historic bombers were a great combination?  More images of this B-17 can be found here.

10 for 2014-6

2014 was the year that I learned about the IR72 filter + X100s.  More details can be found here.

10 for 2014-7

Happened to be in San Francisco for business and brought the X100s along.  This is a panorama cobbled together from a series of handheld images.

10 for 2014-8

Could I really have an annual list of photos and not have a rodeo image?

10 for 2014-9

Or two?  More images from this year’s Philomath Frolic and Rodeo can be found here and here.  If you’re looking for more rodeo – check out the Exposure story.

10 for 2014-10

Or some hot air balloon photos?

10 for 2014-11

Just playing.  This photo can also be found over on my Exposure.co site.

10 for 2014-14

Had a chance to shoot some Polar Plunges for Oregon Special Olympics. The Portland event had a group of Super Plungers that ran once an hour for 24 hours into the very chilly Columbia River.  I posted a number of photos from my time with the Super Plungers over on the Camera 47 Facebook page.

10 for 2014-15

Just a bit of flooding here in Corvallis.

10 for 2014-16

More Viking! At the Bend Polar Plunge.  More images from my trip to Bend can be found here.

10 for 2014-17

The debut of Saddle Shop over the summer.  You can see more from this gig over at Exposure.co.

top 10-21

Was looking for a vintage-feeling portrait for this one that connected the student, his school, and sport.

top 10-22

At the county fair for a dance performance and happened to have the X100s + IR72 filter with me.  Really dug the architecture + sun + colors on this one.  I thought the combination provided an unexpected industrial feel.

dog in shadow-1

Our dog was waiting for a bit of beef jerky in some pretty strong light with shadow.

Christmas morning-1

Christmas morning sunrise over Fish Lake just outside Leavenworth, WA.  Not sure what created all of the sparkles speckles.  I’m guessing it was a really dirty filter.  Then, again, it was Christmas morning.

B-17G: Nine-O-Nine

WWII Bombers - B17 - June 2014-1The Collings Foundation and their trio of aircraft again visited Corvallis this year.  And as I checked the archives of this blog – it looks like it’s been about 5 years since I last checked into the mostly-annual event.

They were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, so I decided to try and catch the planes on approach (top photo).

WWII Bombers - B17 - June 2014-11As it turns out, as of midday Thursday, the P-51 still hadn’t arrived to Corvallis – but the bombers were available to scramble through.

On my way to the airfield, the overcast day was a bit disappointing, as I was looking forward to some blue-skies behind the shiny bombers.  But then I remembered a small bit not long ago from Kelby and his experiment of shooting iconic sites around the world on “seamless”.  In other words – he tried to highlight the structural beauty of the scenes – and simply treated the gray overcast as a giant softbox – and just let the background blowout (at least that’s how I interpreted it).  So I thought I’d give it a try (just for fun).  WWII Bombers - B17 -June 2014-5

WWII Bombers - B17 - June 2014-10The B-17G was the easier plane of the two to try this technique for two reasons.  The background behind it was a bit less cluttered – but more importantly – more people were meandering around the B-24.  Smile

For walking through the plane – I preferred the fisheye – as I thought it paired well with the curved interior spaces.

WWII Bombers - B17 - June 2014-6

(and if you’re curious – here’s my earlier post on the Nine ONine)

B-17G Flying Fortress: Nine O Nine

b17 for blog-4 This B-17G Flying Fortress (one of an estimated 15 still flying), the Nine O Nine, was on hand at the Wings of Freedom tour in Corvallis last week.  And I almost missed it.

The event was to start at 2PM on Wednesday.  I arrived near 2:30PM to folks staring at a parking lot of Cessnas – not really prime WWII airplane viewing conditions.

As it turns out, the planes were arriving from Redding, CA – but were slowed by cloud cover.

Somewhere after 3PM – the P-51 took a victory lap over town and landed.  A few photos later – and it was back up in the air with a client on board.wwII airplanes - corvallis - 10 June 2008-4

An hour or so later – the B-24J Liberator could be heard in the distance and was soon on the ground and parked.  The tour officially began as folks could finally walk up to a plane.b17 for blog-3

At around 5:3oPM – after some waffling (wait for B-17 or try later?) and a quick call to Jeff (a local pilot) – I was off to the north end of the runway and a 20 minute wait.

As it turns out – both the B-17 and B-24 take long low approaches (another tip from Jeff).  By waiting on the road at the approaching side of the runway – I was able to get a few photos of the landing plane (a thought planted by another photographer earlier in the afternoon).  After the plane was on the ground – I zipped back over for a few last shots.

Bottom line:  if you have any interest in WWII aircraft – check out the Wings of Freedom tour.  Their schedule can be found here.

(and here are the previous posts on the B-24J and the P-51C)

b17 for blog-2

b17 for blog-1

WWII Airplanes

wwII airplanes - corvallis - 10 June 2008-2Not much detail posted tonight – and I’ll try to get more here soon – but there are a trio of WWII aircraft in Corvallis for a few days: a B-17, B-24, and P-51.

They had a staggered entrance this evening to the Corvallis airport due to a delay out of Redding .  Entry to get up and close is $12.  If you’re interested – from what I understand – a ride in the P-51 is in excess of $2000 for 30 minutes – and a seat in the B-24 is $425 for a half hour.

Pictured above: from the bomb bay of the B-24 – and below: the B-17 preparing to land.wwII airplanes - corvallis - 10 June 2008-1