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2014 NW Art & Air: Hot Air Balloons

This year I had the opportunity to head on over for two mornings to the hot air balloon launches at the NW Art & Air Festival in Albany, OR.  Below are a few in no particular order.  Just for fun – I did give myself a bit of a challenge later in the mornings to look for opportunities to use the sun creatively.  Not sure if I met that challenge – but I had fun trying.  Enjoy!

art & air 2014 - 1000px-3

art & air 2014 - 1000px-4

art & air 2014 - 1000px-1

art & air 2014 - 1000px-6

art & air 2014 - 1000px-19

art & air 2014 - 1000px-22

art & air 2014 - 1000px-13

Hot Air Balloon Launch Time Lapse

As an experiment – I set up a Contour POV camera for stop motion capture (1 frame / per second). Then I stitched the images together at 10 frames per sec to put together a quick time lapse of the hot air balloon launch from Saturday morning at the NW Art & Air Festival. Enjoy!

NW Art & Air Festival 2013: A Few Photos

iSoar - NWAA - 2013-8Had a chance to get out for the hot air balloon launches this weekend over at the NW Art & Air Festival in Albany, OR.  This year – I worked the entire weekend with only a 17-55mm f/2.8.  And yes – there were times I wished I had the fisheye and, yes, there were times that something a bit longer would have helped.   But it was a good challenge nonetheless.

By the way, been digging the VSCO filters.

And, yes, that’s one of those crazy “tiny planet” panoramas up there.  Over on the Camera 47 Facebook page you’ll find a few more.  I’ve been experimenting a bit with them lately.

 NWAA - 2013- for the blog-2

 NWAA - 2013- for the blog-3

iSoar - NWAA - 2013-2

iSoar - NWAA - 2013-5

NWAA - 2013- for the blog-15 - 1000xE

iSoar - NWAA - 2013-3

NW A&A 2013 - Saturday - low res-5

 NWAA - 2013- for the blog-13

Friday Fone Foto

This one is from Saturday morning at the annual NW Art & Air Festival held in Albany, Oregon.  This year they had more than 30 balloons out.

If you happen to be on Instagram – you can check out my entire feed at Camera47.


Friday Fone Foto

While waiting in the Trader Joe’s parking lot – my daughter and I were treated to an impromptu Model A show when one of the members was forced into a repair while out on a weekend drive.  If I recall correctly – there were about 5 or 6 Model A’s on hand from the local Albany, OR club.


2011 Northwest Art & Air Festival: Hot Air Balloons

Had a chance to go out on Saturday morning and shoot some hot air balloons at the Northwest Art & Air Festival in Albany, Oregon.  It’s probably the largest annual collection of hot air balloons in this area – and it’s always packed with photographers.

Afterwards – we went to the Original Breakfast – also in Albany.  Oh, golly – some great food.

As it turns out – all but one of these were shot with the Sigma 10mm fisheye.  Still trying to learn how to use it – but I’m having fun with it.2011 art air - hot air balloons-5

2011 art air - hot air balloons-12011 art air - hot air balloons-62011 art air - hot air balloons-10 2011 art air - hot air balloons-8

Another Hot Air Balloon Photo

hot air balloons - NW Art Air - 2010 - low res-20Just tidying up a few images from the 2010 Northwest Art & Air Festival this evening – and thought I’d post this photo from the last morning of the event.

Wallpaper: September 2010

September already?

Well – regardless of my shock – here’s the new wallpaper.  This photo is from the Friday morning hot air balloon launch at the annual Northwest Art & Air Festival – held just last weekend in Albany, Oregon.

Now I could try and talk up “vision” and “skill” in getting this image – but in reality – there’s no secret sauce here – I was just experimenting.  Flat on the ground, looking up, wide angle, handheld, and underexposed the scene by a stop or two (or something like that).

Hope you enjoy it.  And, as always, all feedback welcome.

Available for download in four sizes: 1920×1080, 1366×768, 1600×900, and 1600×1200.

sept 2010 - low res

Northwest Art & Air 2010

NW Art Air 2010 - Friday - low res-3 This morning – up at oh-pre-dawn-thirty to catch the hot air balloon launch at the annual Northwest Art & Air Festival in Albany, Oregon.

I might post more photos a bit later – but I thought I’d toss a few out there quickly.NW Art Air 2010 - Friday - low res-1

If you’re in the Willamette Valley this weekend – these folks (weather permitting) are also scheduled for Saturday and Sunday morning.  If you’re able to make it out there – I might suggest trying to arrive no later than 6:15 – as there’s a lot of action leading up to the actual launch.NW Art Air 2010 - Friday - low res-2

Willamette Celebration: The Newsboys

Willamette Celebration - Friday 23 July 2010 - low res-25 Willamette Celebration had a great music lineup for the two-day event.

Among the bands were the Newsboys – with new lead singer Michael Tait – Willamette Celebration - Friday 23 July 2010 - low res-29formerly of DC Talk.

And what can I say?  It was the Newsboys – it was simply a great show.  They played songs from their new release Born Again – and then some vintage Newsboys along with a couple from DC Talk.

If you get the chance to catch these guys in concert – take it.  And – if you’re a Newsboys fan – and haven’t picked up there latest release – I recommend it.  And the last track?  A brilliant version of Jesus Freak.

From top to bottom – Lead Singer:  Michael Tait, Guitar: Jody Davis, Drums: Duncan Phillips, and not shown on Keyboards: Jeff Frankenstein.

Willamette Celebration - Friday 23 July 2010 - low res-33