Photo 101: Where to Print?

Looking for printing services?  Here’s a few to consider that may not be on your list:

  • Bay Photo.  If you buy photos from my portfolio site – they’ll likely be printed at Bay Photo.  They’re great!
  • WHCC.  Another awesome place to print.
  • There’s also mpix.
  • Sometimes you just need a print fast that doesn’t cost a lot with reasonable quality.  At those times, don’t hesitate to send the files to Costco.
  • Want some huge inexpensive B&W prints?  Try the engineering prints at Staples.
  • Looking for something more boutique?  Check out Artifact Uprising
  • Business printing?  Business cards, postcards, more?  Check out


(This is Photo 101: Introducing Photo Concepts in 101 Words or Less. If there’s a photo topic that you’d like to see here on Camera 47 – drop it in the comments below or contact me by ways of the About page. 

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