Photo 101: Craft & Vision

First, let me start by saying that this is not a sponsored post … nor is Camera47 a C&V affiliate.

10OK, now that the official statement is behind us,   Smile    I do think it’s a great place for photographers, especially beginning and intermediate folks, to pick up some great e-books for reasonable prices.

It started with most titles costing about $5 – though recently, a few are more while a hand full of them are now free – including some highly recommended titles such as 10 and 10 More.

There’s a great series of podcasts over there, too!  So, don’t delay, go check ‘em out.


(This is Photo 101: Introducing Photo Concepts in 101 Words or Less. If there’s a photo topic that you’d like to see here on Camera 47 – drop it in the comments below or contact me by ways of the About page. 

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