Photo 101: Shoulder Bag or Backpack?

Untitled-1The easy answer?  I use both.

I cannot recommend the F-Stop Loka enough.  It’s great for trails and travel.  I have both the medium and small ICU’s to accommodate various gear loads.  You can check out my review here.

I also use a Timbuk2 shoulder bag with an insert for most of my day-to-day stuff and as of late – I’ve slimmed to just the small size.  Another great bag I’ve used is the ThinkTank Retrospective 10 (review here).   And the soon-to-be-released bags from Filson look like they could also be unassuming and tough-as-nails.

Hope that helps.


(And for folks that missed the series introduction, this is Photo 101: Introducing Photo Concepts in 101 Words or Less. So, if there’s a photo topic that you’d like to see here on Camera 47 – drop it in the comments below or contact me by ways of the About page. 

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