Photo 101: The Rocket Blower

IMG_20140515_223214I hope that many of these posts are useful for most photographers but this one is specific to those with ILC’s (interchangeable lens cameras).

Those persistent dark spots in your images with small apertures (>f/5.6) are likely dust.  Even with the “auto dust-removal” feature, dust will cling to your charged sensor.

Typically, just an air burst will free it from your sensor (and from your images).  For this task,  I recommend the simple and inexpensive rocket blower.

One note, though I haven’t seen it, it appears at least one photographer has tangled with the TSA.  Solution?  Trim off the fins.  Smile


(And for folks that missed the series introduction, this is Photo 101: Introducing Photo Concepts in 101 Words or Less. So, if there’s a photo topic that you’d like to see here on Camera 47 – drop it in the comments below or contact me by ways of the About page. 

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