Photo 101: Lens Hoods vs. Filters


This topic, for some reason, draws passion.  For that reason, let me outline my case for hoods.  Hoods will help protect against:

  • Flare
  • Rain
  • Bumps

And, generally, lens hoods ought to be less expensive than a filter (unless you’re talking about that crazy priced Fuji X100 series hood).

Yes, it’s cheaper to replace a filter than a lens. But I’m persuaded that any extra glass will diminish your image just a bit.

Of course, I’m talking about the UV, Sky, and similar filters. Polarizers, ND’s, and such are quite useful. We’ll try to cover those a bit later.


(And for folks that missed the series introduction, this is Photo 101: Introducing Photo Concepts in 101 Words or Less. So, if there’s a photo topic that you’d like to see here on Camera 47 – drop it in the comments below or contact me by ways of the About page.  Thanks!)

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