Rodeo Week: Roping and Barrel Racing

Just for fun – I thought I’d share more photos from the 2012 Philomath Frolic and Rodeo – but instead of just dumping a bunch of photos on you at once – I decided to give you a few each day all week long.  So – informally – we’ll consider this “rodeo week”.

Today – a few roping and barrel racing photos.

In no particular order:

  • Breakaway.  A bit of experimenting with panning and roping. 
  • Tie down roping.
  • Barrel racing.
  • More barrel racing.
  • Team roping – the event I consider the most difficult in rodeo to photograph.

PFR 2012 - Friday-5 PFR 2012 - Sunday-3 PFR 2012 - Friday-9PFR 2012 - Sunday-20

PFR 2012 - Sunday-11

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