Philomath Classic Car Show

philomath auto show-5On Saturday – we decided to walk through the Philomath Classic Car Show.  Not only was it a good day to get out as summer has finally arrived here in the NW – but, as it turns out, I haven’t leveled a camera on a group of cars in some time.

philomath auto show-3To be honest – I find car shows one of the single most difficult places to photograph.  Why?  Well – for starters – most folks have an idea of what a ‘55 Chevy truck ought to look like.  It’s a tall challenge to create a compelling car photo.  And creating one at a car show – with people and clutter and more cars in the background is simply that much more of a task.

That said – every now and then – I like to go to a car show with a camera and see if I can possibly create an image or two.

For this one – I decided, for the most part, to restrict my tools and I shot most of the day with either the Lensbaby Sweet 35 or the Sigma 10mm fisheye.

The Lensbaby Sweet 35 (for folks not familiar with it – it’s a selective focus optic) is great for melting the back ground away in that Lensbaby blur.  On the other hand, the fisheye requires a completely different approach – and I was often shooting just inches from the car in an attempt to eliminate background clutter.

When shooting classic cars (and really anything) – B&W can also be a pretty good tool to help eliminate background distractions.

And yes, my proof sheet has a whole bunch of bulbous bumpers in it from the fisheye – but I decided to save you from them.   🙂

proof sheet

If you check out the Camera47 Instagram feed – there’s a few more photos over there, too.

As always – all feedback welcome. philomath auto show-6

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