The 2011 Worldwide Photowalk – from Corvallis, Oregon

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-6On Saturday morning we had about 20 photo walkers join the 2011 Worldwide Photowalk here in Corvallis.  We met first thing down at New Morning Bakery – and shortly after 8AM – we were in route to the Farmers’ Market – where I think much of the group spent most of the morning.

The weather forecast was a bit uncertain – but thankfully – the rain stayed away until long after our walk.

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-2 At around 10AM – the group reconvened back at New Morning Bakery for a bit of story telling and image sharing (and some of that great New Morning food!)

To be honest – I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos from folks – this was a great group with a lot of talent.

For the morning – I traveled pretty light – shooting with just the 50D while splitting my time between the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS and the new Lensbaby Sweet Optic 35.  I’ll try to get a full review of that Lensababy optic posted soon – but I’ll just let you know now – it has become my favorite LB optic to date.

2011 Worldwide Photowalk - Corvallis-3

If you want to read updates from two other Corvallis photo walkers – check out these posts:

  • You’ll dig this one – not only was Kat out shooting some great photos – but she was out shooting color wheel combos.  Seriously.  Triadic schemes.  Check out her post here.
  • And Helen has already posted a slideshow of colorful photos from the market on her blog  here.

And I think it’s still a bit empty – but check out the Corvallis group’s Flickr page from the 2011 Worldwide Photowalk (hopefully more photos will be added soon).

Did you join a photowalk this weekend?  If so – let us know how it went – and please leave us a link to your photos in the comments.

5 thoughts on “The 2011 Worldwide Photowalk – from Corvallis, Oregon”

  1. I have thought of doing some photography at the local farmer’s market and would really appreciate some ideas for dealing with images of people and getting permissions. Who do you need permission from to take photos at a farmer’s market?


    1. Jim – great question. And the reply is really much bigger than I can post here – but as a general rule of thumb:

      To just walk around a farmers’ market with a camera – there’s typically no need to ask permission – most of the carrots and flowers really don’t care. 🙂 However – when taking photos of the people at the market – it’s often best to ask for permission. If for some reason someone feels uncomfortable or says no – it’s best to honor that request and move along. And – I always caution folks against photos of children unless you can get permission from their parents.

      Hope that helps as a starting point.


  2. Great pictures, that sounded like a lot of fun! Where was the building with the Pepsi sign? I don’t think I’ve seen that before.


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