11 Tips for your next Photowalk

photo walk foto-1 OK – last week I shared links to 7 sites that talked all about photo walking – as part of the count down to the Worldwide Photowalk on 1 October.

So – today – I thought I’d share my top 11 tips for photowalks.

How is this list better?  Well – first – it’s not better – just a bit different – and  it’s likely a bit more specific to the Pacific NW (e.g. “in case it rains”).

And this one goes to 11!  🙂

So – in no particular order – here you go:

  1. Go light on the gear – and consider only bringing along one or two lenses.  Why?  Well – first – you’re walking.  The more gear in your pack – the more you’re carrying.   Second – the more options you have – the more you’ll keep thinking about gear choices – and less on making compelling photos.  And third – typically these sorts of walks are often only a couple of hours long.  The more you’re futzing with gear – the less you’re clicking.
  2. Leave the tripod at home.  Why?  Cuz if you have it along – you have to carry it.  Second – if you’re shooting in a crowded environment – it’s likely to get in the way.  Third – the more your futzing with gear…
  3. Safety.  It’s pretty easy to get distracted by the moment and sort of forget where you’re at when you’re walking around with your eye in the viewfinder.  Not only are there cars – but there are sidewalks that you can awkwardly step (fall) from – or even other people to bump into.  I haven’t even yet mentioned hanging plants, bicyclists, and people who don’t want their photo snapped…
  4. Water is important.  Please have a bottle in your bag.
  5. Dress in layers for the weather.  It may rain – or it may get warmer – or cooler – or the wind might pick up.
  6. For that walk that might see rain – keep shooting by having some Op Tech Rainsleeves stashed in your bag.  They’re lightweight and inexpensive – take next to no room in your bag – and some of the best photos can be found in bad weather.
  7. Comfortable shoes – cuz you’re walking.
  8. Extra batteries and extra memory cards.  It’s much easier to have extras on hand than to miss the photo.
  9. Small snack.  Lately I’ve been digging the Clif Mojo bars.  Mountain Mix.
  10. Small notebook and pen – often something will come up that you’ll want to remember later.
  11. Talk to other folks in the group.  There’s likely a wide range of talent in your group.  If you’re looking for tips and insights – often you just need to ask.  And if you’re more experienced – share your best with folks that ask.

So – there you go – 11!  Have any more that you think should be on the list?  Just add them below.


And – just in case you’re curious about the stuff in my camera bag– you can check out my list of 7 Not-so-Obvious “Necessities”.

7 thoughts on “11 Tips for your next Photowalk”

  1. Awesome tips! I am leading my first photowalk this Saturday in White Salmon, WA and we may see rain. It is a very small group, 7 of us so far 😀 You have me rethinking the tripod now. I was going to bring it because we will have some awesome views of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River on our walk and also we will be shooting at 0630 in the morning….hmm something to think about by this weekend. Thanks!


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