Corvallis Photo Walk and Photographing at the Farmers’ Market

photowalk300x250Well – on 1 October – in less than two weeks – it’ll be Worldwide Photo Walk day.  If you’re looking for more details on a walk near you – look here – and if you want to know more about the Corvallis walk – check here for more details.

At the time of this post – there were over 1,000 locations worldwide – and almost 20,000 registered photo walkers.

Again – the cool part about this walk is that regardless of your skill level – you’re welcome! Snap photos with your cell phone?  Find a walk!  Compose images and regularly hang your stuff in galleries? Come on out!  You only take photos of your kids running around with your point & shoot – and occasionally on holidays?  Seriously – what are you doing on 1 October?

This year – the Corvallis walk will include some of the early hours of the farmers’ market.  And so, even if you’re not in Corvallis – hopefully you’ll dig this article I recently read from ePhotoZine on shooting at the market.

And just for a bit of inspiration / brainstorming / thinking through what you might find at a market – here are a few galleries for you to flip through.  Enjoy!

Please tell us what you think.

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