Backpacking Weekend – Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon

Had a chance for a backpacking weekend in the Jefferson Wilderness here in Oregon.  We set our tents at Carl Lake on Friday – with a Saturday day hike over to South Cinder Cone – followed by a stretch up on the ridge above Carl Lake along the PCT.  On Sunday – we broke camp.  Lunch on the drive home was at Giovanni Mountain Pizza in Mill City.  A great weekend.


This first photo is from the hike in to Carl Lake on Friday.  Within a 100 feet of the trailhead – the trail begins to cut through a section that was burned in the 2003 B&B Complex fire.

Carl Lake 2011 for blog-1

There’s a certain beauty of hiking through a recovering forest.  On the other hand – there’s more exposure to the elements.  It’s simply not the typical Central Cascades lush forest experience.  I’m hoping this next one captures (at least a little bit) the scorched forest + sun + heat.  Carl Lake 2011 for blog-2And there was a bit of trail fix-it.  Use #742 for duct tape.  🙂

Carl Lake 2011 for blog-3

Here’s Jim as my foreground element in a morning shot across Carl Lake.  He was kind enough to wait patiently on this rock while I futzed with camera settings.Carl Lake 2011 for blog-4

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