Thursday Night at the Rodeo

Had a chance on Thursday night to shoot a bit at the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo.  It was slack night – making it a great evening to try a few experiments.

As for the photos:

  • The top tie down roping image was shot with the Hasselblad + tilt adapter from the top far corner of the bleachers.  Still trying to get a good feel for this lens.
  • The second image is steer wrestling.  OK – not a whole lot of experimenting here.  Get low – wait for action.
  • The last image is team roping.  A great event – but probably the one I find the most difficult to shoot.  Tonight – I was just looking for some different angles – and trying to get the steer and heeler aligned or compressed into a single frame.

And as it turns out – it was a monochrome sort of night…   🙂

Philomath Rodeo - 2011 - Thursday-2 Philomath Rodeo - 2011 - Thursday-3 Philomath Rodeo - 2011 - Thursday-4

3 thoughts on “Thursday Night at the Rodeo”

    1. Hey, Hannah – my apologies – but I was only out at the PFR on Thursday and Sunday this year. Not sure who would have barrel racing photos posted. Sorry about that.


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