5 Top Hits on Camera 47

low res for 5 hitsOK – I’ve given you the biggest flops on C47 – so – I’ll wrap up this 2 post series with a few items that, by comparison, were a bit more popular.

That said – I don’t believe the following list is any kind of formula to blogging success – but if I stop and take a look at what (I think) folks have generally enjoyed on C47 – here are some highlights that I’ve found:

  1. 20 Photography Gifts Under $100.  By far the most popular posts here on C47.  And you know who made them popular?  Scott Kelby.  Seriously.  A thousand “thank you’s” to him for pointing folks my direction the first (and second) year that I posted the list.  I still don’t know how he found it.
  2. Calendars.  The monthly wallpaper / calendars I posted drew a lot of folks to C47.  I should probably still be posting them.  (Carlos is somewhere in NC right now nodding his head)  So – why did I stop?  In all honesty – it’s one part “I don’t know” – and another part “let’s try something new”.  OK – you’re probably still waiting for the “let’s try something new” part…
  3. Lensbaby.  Folks divide heavily on Lensbaby products.  I, however, dig them.  And folks that dig them (or think they might dig them) – like to read about them.  I’ve posted reviews on the Composer, 0.42x Super Wide Adapter, and the Fisheye.
  4. Gear Reviews.  This baffled me at first.  I really wanted to pontificate on the finer points of photography – but my numbers really spiked around gear reviews.  Not book reviews – but mechanical things.  As it turns out – I’m not all that good at pontificating (see Angry Birds).
  5. Year end lists.  They’re a great challenge for me – and December just seems like a great time for top 10 lists.


So – there you have it – 5 Flops and 5 Hits from C47.  And though I’m not sure if I’m any closer to writing a better blog – it’s given me a chance to stop and sum up the last couple of years.

Now – not sure if I should ask this next question – (but what the heck)… any C47 flops that I’ve missed?  Any hits?  If this generates a lot of discussion – I’ll try to sum it up in a future post.

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