Which Angry Bird is your lens?

angry birdsI have few apps on my phone – and very few games – but one of the first apps I installed was Angry Birds.  And, to be honest, I think it’s kinda fun to sling those feathered cannonballs at the fortified bacon.

So – here you go – for no better reason than I thought it would be fun (and a bit challenging) – your favorite Angry Birds matched to that lens in your bag.


The first Angry Bird you encounter is the Red one. He’s the most common bird – and has a lot in common with your kit lens.  He does his job dutifully.  “Hey, look – a pig!  Fling me!  Fling me!”

The second Angry Bird you’re introduced to is the Yellow bird. He zooms – and is much like your first tele zoom that reaches to 200mm (or even 300mm).  And – until you find out there’s more Birds out there – what else could you possibly need?

Then the Black bird. I don’t think his name is Bomber – but that’s what I’d name him if it were my game.  On the other hand – if it were my game – it wouldn’t have been this cool.  Anyways – the Black bird, I think, has a lot in common with that go-to lens in your bag.  The one you always reach for.  For those CaNikon folks – this is that 70-200mm f/2.8 (or f/4) L-thing.  This could also be that favorite prime – maybe the the 50 f/1.4?

Then there’s the Chicken. Well – at least I think it’s a chicken.  The one that shoots lays eggs.  This one likens to the lens that you really, really, really wanted – went out and bought it – and it really didn’t do exactly what you were hoping for.  Kinda disappointing.  Except sometimes – it’s brilliant – and is exactly the right tool for the job.

Those little Blue birds that break into three birds? These were tough –  ‘cuz – the more I thought about it – I’m not sure I wanted a lens exploding on me like that.  But – really – they’re more like filters and lens hoods – as they really don’t get the job done by themselves.  On the other hand – they’re a great compliment to your other birds.

The Toucan? A specialty bird.  One – if misused becomes just a wasted flung aviary projectile.  However – in skilled hands – the toucan can actually exact a lot of damage – kind of like a tilt shift lens – or a Lensbaby.

The Big Red Bird. He’s a locomotive.  “Hey – I’m a big red bird – outta my way!”  This is that really long focal length lens in your bag – the one you use to shoot the surfing championships from your back deck in Montana.

And then there’s the elusive Mighty Eagle. Some think it’s fictional.  Folklore.  Urban legend.  This is that lens on your life list.  The one that you’d consider selling the car for – but then you realize the car won’t bring in enough cash.  But you know if you had it – it’d be cool.  My lens?  Well – it’s the recently announced Canon 200-400 f/4L IS with the built in x1.4 tele.


So – which Birds are you carrying in your bag?

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