Blog Update: Check out the new Gear & Resources Tabs

If you look up towards the top of this blog – you’ll see Home and About and two new spiffy tabs – one for Gear and another for Resources.  Under those tabs – you’ll find lists of the gear I use – and resources that I recommend.

No fluff – no filler – no extra calories.  This is simply the gear that I drag into the field (not the stuff sitting at home getting dusty) – and the resources that I recommend to friends when they have questions.

As for my gear – let me just warn you –  it’s not all of the cool sparkly stuff – or the latest and greatest from the most recent trade show.  I’m a part-time photographer – and the tools I use need to be durable – and often sit in (what I consider to be) that sweet spot between performance and price.  I’m not here to tell you that the brand I use is better than another brand – these are just the tools I’m using today to make photos.

So – check it out the new tabs and let me know how I can make them better.

One thought on “Blog Update: Check out the new Gear & Resources Tabs”

  1. Good Luck! I wish you luck on the great journey that is photography! I think the new buttons look fine btw. I will be interested in seeing where you go from here.

    All the best


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