Review: OneLight Field Guide

dedpxl cover Last week, Zack Arias announced his new magazine, the OneLight Field Guide.  Given that his workshops are typically in towns far from me (and around  $800) – and his DVD is two and a half bills (but it’s on my list…) – anything by him for less than $30 just seemed like the right investment.  So – I followed the link – and on Saturday afternoon – it arrived.

It took me only a couple of hours to get through the magazine the first time – and now I’m simply re-reading it for more detail.  The book is quite approachable – and actionable.  I even set up a mini photo shoot with my daughter’s teddy bear just to try a few things (she was very much amused that dad was taking photos of her teddy bear).

As Zack points out in the first pages – this magazine isn’t meant to replace one of his workshops or DVD’s – but is meant to compliment them.  On the other hand – there’s a lot packed neatly into this 88 pager.

Arias’ basic premise is to light with a single off-camera hot shoe flash.  Occasionally – he’ll throw in a second flash – or an Alien Bee – but he’ll often explain how to adapt if you’re only using a single flash.  His models?  Mostly musicians – but Zack is quick to point out that the subject could just as easily be a bride, high school senior, or CEO.

And when was the last time a photographer, when listing his/her gear, sent you to the used shelf at KEH? (he’s a fan of the SB80’s – regardless of your camera brand)

Bottom line: if you’re working on your hot shoe flash photography – I highly recommend this one.

And just one more note (straight from Zack’s blog) – this is the beginning of his new quarterly magazine, DEDPXL.  You can read more directly from Zack.

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