3rd Annual 20 Photography Gifts Under $100

Here it is, the 3rd Annual 20 Photography Gifts Under $100. Now I realize there are a lot of other great gift guides out there (like Kelby’s 5th Annual Holiday Gear Guide) – but they’re just now hitting the airwaves – so check back in a week or two and I’ll try to get a list out to ya’ll.tree-107

So – in no particular order – let’s get started:

  1. Not every photographer wears ball caps – and on sunny days it’s important to have something shading the ears and neck – which takes us to those brimmed hats.  Now – I had one of these Proppers given to me while I was shooting a gig this last summer (thanks, Kevin!) – and I found it to be a great hat (so much that if I lost mine – I’d replace it). It’s lightweight, durable, and crushable – and pretty much nothing else comes in at this price.
  2. Ball caps from The Clink Room.  These guys are great!  They’ve been growing over the last year – and have posted some very cool designs.
  3. OK – this one is over $100 – but it’s a Think Tank bag… the Retrospective 10.  It rocks.  You can read my review here.  And while you’re over there – check out Think Tank’s Pixel Pocket Rocket to help tidy up all of those memory cards.
  4. Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live.  Bottom line – lighting befuddles me –even though I’ve read about the photon vs. wave stuff.  But – Kelby’s book helps me unbefuddle the whole thing about people + photons (which is not taught in most physics courses).
  5. E-books from Craft & Vision.  Just an idea – you could purchase all of these for your sweetie… and then load them on to a jump drive… or CD … or a brand new tablet (insert favorite platform here).  Of course, that last idea doesn’t officially land on this list – it’s WAY OVER $100.
  6. Citizen Eco-Drive watch.  There are a lot of great watches out there and this one is cool for two reasons.   One – it’s solar powered.  Second – the face is less than 40mm – so it doesn’t look gargantuan on my middlin’-small wrist.
  7. In the 1st Annual list – I added the Gorillapod – here on the 3rd list – it’s Joby’s Ballhead X.  It holds up to 11 lbs – and it’s rock solid.  You can read my review here. singers-107
  8. P-filters for your favorite landscape photographer!  You can get the holder (here’s the Cokin 77mm) – and two Hitech filters (such as the graduated neutral density 0.6 and 0.9 – soft edge) for less than a bill.  It’s a heck of a deal – and with a little practice – could help with his/her landscape images.  Just make sure to match the the filter holder’s ring size to their favorite landscape lens.
  9. If your photographer uses Lightroom – consider duChemin’s new book Voice & Vision: Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  It’s a great opportunity to look over the shoulder of a great photographer and teacher.
  10. What cool things do the folks over at Photojojo have that you could throw into a stocking?  Well – consider the SLR pinhole lens.  Very cool, very retro.
  11. Also over at Photojojo – the camera lens mug!  In Canon or Nikon.
  12. When your favorite photographer is traveling – and the MP3 player is rockin’ the tunes – let ‘em listen comfortably with the compact classic Koss PortaPro’s.  I’ve been sporting a pair of these for something close to a decade.
  13. 10 stop filter.  And this one is pretty reasonably priced (here’s another one that should be matched to his/her favorite landscape lens).
  14. Another one just over the $100 line – but if your photographer has a Lensbaby – and doesn’t yet have a fisheye lens – consider the LB Fisheye Optic!  It’s small, lightweight, and a heck of a lot of fun.
  15. You know, those folks at Blackrapid just keep working.  The RS4 has been pretty hard at work on my camera for about 18 months.  Now they have the RS-5, RS-7, and RS-W1 (just for women).  I can’t say enough good things about Blackrapid straps. penguins-107
  16. Reverse mount rings for macro photograph.  There simply is not a lower cost method to get started in macro photography.  Two styles to choose from:  reverse your favorite lens directly to your camera – or try stacking two lenses together (I have one that joins my 50mm to the 85mm lens).
  17. Instant images – for less than $100 with the Fujifilm INSTAX 210 (and don’t forget the film – here’s a double pack).
  18. This could become a backpacking essential – the Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW + chest harness.  This will fit a 50D + 17-55mm f/2.8.  There are plenty of bigger sizes available if your photog carries larger glass into the backcountry.
  19. Another one  a bit more than a $100 (OK – it’s $250) – but if you’re photographer is shooting one of those ultra hip micro 4/3 cameras – and has wanted to try tilt photography – the new Lensbaby Tilt Transformer is pretty cool – and pretty inexpensive when compared to a Canon TS lens.  And if you don’t have Nikon glass around to attach to it – consider this nifty-fifty.
  20. Here’s a gift that just keeps on giving – Kelby Training right on your computer.  Top notch instructors  include McNally, Kloskowski, Cross, Concepcion, and White – and it’s only $24.95 a month.
  21. 5-in-1 40” reflector.  At some point – we all need some fill light.
  22. And what would a photographer’s gift list be without a Gary Fong light shaper on it?  Check out the Lightsphere.

OK – so I didn’t count all that well.  But if you’re still looking for more ideas – check out the 1st and 2nd year lists, too.

And, if the photographer on your list has all of this – or will have none of it – just get ‘em juggling clubs!


(On a side note – for that “little something extra gift” for just about anybody on your list – the 2011 Hot Air Balloon calendar is on sale for only $15 over on MagCloud.  The cool part?  70% of the proceeds are going to Show Mercy International.)

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