Big Sur to Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz images - low res-5Here’s the wrap up to this string of Central California Coast posts – and it’s in Santa Cruz – where we only spent a few hours but where I probably snapped the most images.  And during that 5 hours – I worked on a few things – including flat, simple compositions – then a bit of trying to capture the “moment” – and then some Lensbaby.

Santa Cruz images - low res-2Bottom line: it was a relaxing evening with the camera.

By this time in the trip – Jim had already left to catch his redeye back to Michigan – and Hugh and I just thought we’d work on some travel-style images on and around the boardwalk.

After we wrapped up in Santa Cruz – it was over the hill to San Jose for dinner at the In-N-Out near the airport – where I had a Double-Double (animal style) with extra produce.  Though next time – I might have to cut out the extra produce – that makes for a mighty tall burger.

Santa Cruz images - low res-1 ——-

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Santa Cruz images - low res-4

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