Saturday Night Rodeo

PFR - Saturday - quick low res-1

A big “thank you” isn’t big enough to the folks at the Canon Factory Service Center in Irvine for getting the 50D back in working order in record time (new shutter) so that I could have it in hand for the second half of this four-day event.

Those folks are great to work with.

And speaking of “this event” – it’s Saturday night rodeo – and the place was packed.  I didn’t see an empty seat in the arena tonight.

As it’s late – I’ll just shoot a quick one your way – a little  saddle bronc.  It was either this or the barrelman (JJ Harrison) in a sumo / ballerina outfit.  Seriously – I can’t make this stuff up.

One thought on “Saturday Night Rodeo”

  1. Great picture of Wade Black from Homedale, ID! Thanks for posting it!
    I manage Wade’s website, and would love to have your permission to use this photo on our blog. Of course we would list you in the photographer credits. Would this be a possibility?


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