Big Sur to Santa Cruz: Monterey’s Lover’s Point

Lovers Point - low res-2 Now typically – I don’t think I’d spend an entire post on a place like Lover’s Point.  Maybe it’s out of pride – as the name sounds like someplace straight out of Happy Days – or simply because it’s just a little city park on the edge of town.  Either way – I typically wouldn’t even stop – and I’d leave it to the joggers and family picnics.

But – Jim thought it would be a cool stop – and I’m glad we did.

We probably spent no longer than 90 minutes checking it out – and most of the images won’t find their way out of LR – but it was a great little location with all sorts of photo ops.

The top image was simply the Lensbaby – wide open – with no aperture ring (probably my favorite way to shoot it).  The bottom image – well – this gentleman was just sitting on the rocks enjoying the sun – and he was agreeable with me taking his photo.

Lovers Point - low res-1


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