Review: Vision is Better

ViB In continuing the reviews of the Craft & Vision titles – I’m jumping ahead to David duChemin’s Vision is Better.

This is the longest of the titles – weighing in at 100+ pages – and it’s simply a greatest hits collection of 50 Pixelated Image posts.  And even though it’s possible to read each and every one of the articles on the website for free – this is still one to consider.


Well – first – it’s pretty concise.  Instead of sifting through a 1000 or so posts for the gems – duChemin has done the heavy lifting for you.  Second – this tidy pdf package makes it portable to read on your favorite electronic device when you’re away from the web – say on a flight between PDX and SJC.  And, third, duChemin has added a great portfolio of images to accompany his articles.

The articles are mostly in reverse chronological order (but not entirely) – so – his newest articles are generally towards the front.  If you’ve been reading Pixelated Image for awhile – you’re bound to recognize a few of the posts – but I found those to be a nice review.

Bottom line: There’s a broad spectrum of articles here – and there’s something here for most.  As you can get all of these articles for free on the web – the decision to spend $5 is yours.

If you’re unfamiliar with duChemin’s writing – a few posts to checkout include:

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