Big Sur to Santa Cruz: Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Monterey Aquarium - low res-8 On Tuesday morning – we had a chance to stop in and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium – which gives a whole new meaning to shooting fish in a barrel.

Bottom line: If you’re in Monterey – try to make the aquarium.

As you might imagine – there’s a lot of photo ops at the Monterey Bay Aquarium – and it seemed like everyone had a camera.  And, yes, it might seem like “cheating” to take photos of fish (and other marine animals) in captivity – but I strongly feel that the bottom line of photography is to capture the imagination of your audience.  Monterey Aquarium - low res-12

And if you’re able to do that – even in an artificial environment like an aquarium – your audience will appreciate it.  And – as it turns out – most any time your camera is getting used – it’s good practice.  If we (photographers) can make compelling images in contrived environments – like zoos and auto shows – I think it goes a long ways in helping us be better in the “real” world – whatever the heck the “real world” is.

OK – I’m stepping off the soapbox now.

And speaking of imagination – I just like the thought of all of these fish looking to Hugh for some food.Monterey Aquarium - low res-11


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4 thoughts on “Big Sur to Santa Cruz: Shooting Fish in a Barrel”

  1. These are beautiful! The turtle image is amazing. Great thoughts here today. The best part is that your images back up the meat of your post perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing!



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