Big Sur to Santa Cruz: Driving to Big Sur

Big Sur - low res-4 After Pt Lobos – we simply took HWY 1 south with three goals:  (1) find lunch (2) find tall trees and (3) try to outrun the fog.  Fortunately, we were successful on all 3 accounts.

The drive south was quite nice – and we stopped for the obligatory photo op at the iconic Bixby Bridge (maybe I should have washed the sign first?). After that – the turnouts gave us a look along the stunning California coast – and, after not too much more driving, we pulled into the Big Sur / Pfeiffer State Park.

Big Sur - low res-5 Here – we snapped some photos of redwoods and took a hike to Pfeiffer Falls.  To be honest – my images of the Falls were not that good – and pretty boring – so they’re not included here.  In fact – they may not make the light of day.  Regardless – it was a nice 1.5 mile round trip hike to see them.Big Sur - low res-7

We were going to try and shoot sunset at Pfeiffer Beach – but the wind – blowing sand and salt spray – made it difficult to work.  Had I had a rain cover for the camera – I may have been a bit more adventurous.  Oh, well – maybe next time.  I should probably invest in a few of the inexpensive ones just to stuff in the corner of the camera bag – just for times like that.

And though we really didn’t find a place to settle in for sunset on Monday – it was a pretty full day of shooting.  And we found some pretty good tacos back in Monterey for dinner.

Oddly enough – looking back at the afternoon’s photos – it was a lot of fisheye (yep – the Lensbaby).  I’ve found that sometimes it’s just the right tool to pull in more of the story.

And- yes – that’s Hugh down at the base of those trees shooting straight up.


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