Big Sur to Santa Cruz: Pt Lobos

Pt Lobos - low res-1On the only full day of the 50 hour “weekend” – we drove in the general direction of Big Sur.

The first stop was Pt Lobos – where some guys by the name of Adams and Weston are also known to have stomped around with cameras.  Lots of trails here – and it can be pretty busy.  Fortunately – we hit it semi-early on a Monday.

Our morning / early afternoon at Pt Lobos was greeted with more fog.  Again – we weren’t doing so well in finding that California sunshine – but it definitely wasn’t a showstopper.

(And – just a note – if you’re thinking about visiting Pt Lobos – there’s lot of poison oak lining the trails.  Seriously.  Be mindful of it.)

Pt Lobos - low res-2We started on the north side of the reserve – and worked our way south – for the only reason that somewhere I think I’d read that the north might have more photo ops – and the fellow working the ranger station as we entered also had good things to say about it.  Not sure if it indeed has a higher percentage of images – but it seemed to work for us.

And maybe it was the fog – maybe not – but my memory apparently has Pt Lobos painted in sepia tones.

And the top two photos?  Yes – same trees – just different lenses.  I actually couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  If you have an opinion – please let me know in the comments below.

As for the last three images – a bit landscape – and all three include Hugh and Jim working in the field.

One side note on gear – the piece of gear that I’d wish I’d had for this shoot was a 10 stop neutral density filter.  There were plenty of rocks, surf, and (filtered) sun – but the 3-stop I had with me wasn’t going to slow the shutter significantly.

At some point – I think I’d like to get back to Pt Lobos and do some more shooting.


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