Review: Craft & Vision’s Ten More

10 moreOK – now that some things are off my plate – I’m able to review some of the best photography reading around – the Craft & Vision series.  And not only is it great reading – but each title is at the ultra low price of only $5.  Yep – for the cost of one super-duper-happy-caffeine-laced beverage – you can be slurping up some of the best photog titles around.

And though David duChemin started this series as an offshoot of his mainline books (Within the Frame, VisionMongers, and the soon to be released Vision & Voice) – he’s been inviting others to join him.  And duChemin’s bottom line premise of “Gear is Good – Vision is Better” resonates throughout the series.

Each ebook is generally in the range of 30 to 50 pages – offers compelling photographic examples – and is served in bite-sized chunks.

Since I reviewed 10 last August – Craft & Vision has released 10 more titles – with at least a few more in the pipeline with what duChemin’s calling the The Print & Process Series.

Over the next month or so – I’ll try to systematically review all of the available titles – including:

  • Ten More
  • The Inspired Eye I & II
  • Chasing the Look & Drawing the Eye
  • Vision is Better
  • Growing the Vision Monger & Below the Horizon
  • The Magic of Black & White, Part One & Two

So, let’s start with Ten More.

Ten More is simply the continuation of 10.  If you’ve read 10 and liked it – just hop on over and pick up the rest of the book.

From the published description:

TEN MORE is the follow-up to TEN and picks up where TEN left off. The question it addresses is still the same – how can I improve my photography without spending a pile of cash on big lenses and the latest must-have widget?

So – there you go.  I can’t really add to that – except that I’ve read this through a few times – and I recommend it without reservation.

Please tell us what you think.

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