Favorite 5 Country Farms

Farm Tour - low res-3A day off with the family – armed only with a camera (and a Sonic burger).  Today’s excursion was to the 5th annual Favorite 5 Country Farms tour near Wilsonville, Oregon.  We only made it to 3 of the 5 farms – but – as it turns out – they’re all within 5 minutes or so of each other.

The event is free – with voluntary canned food donations to go to a local food bank.  It’s running over the next couple of weekends – so – if you’re in the Willamette Valley – it’s a fun trip for the family.  And the kids will probably like rubbing the ears of a friendly miniature donkey.

Just a few quick notes about the above photo:  (1) yes – it’s a friendly miniature donkey (2) that Lensbaby fisheye is pretty sharp – and (3) when shooting a fisheye – and a donkey – try not to get donkey snot on your lens.  Seriously.

Please tell us what you think.

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