IKEA Asker – for Displaying Photos

office-1 OK – I can’t take credit for this.  I first read about this idea over at Kelby’s blog – who was passing along a suggestion from one of his readers – Ed Loziuk.  As the story goes – Loziuk contacted Kelby after Kelby described  his own system to display frameless photos here.  So, this is really Ed’s idea – but I thought it was cool – and decided to try it.

Did all of that make sense?

And you can find photos of Ed’s system here.

Bottom line: I dig it.  It’s a quick and easy method for hanging photos around the office – and there’s no need to find frames or mats.

First – a few details.  The IKEA Asker system is actually not designed to hang photographs – it’s actually a kitchen organization tool.  So – don’t look for the parts near the photo frames (which I did).  In the Portland, OR store – the parts are actually near the cabinet handles – upstairs.  Your store may be different.

Second – there are a couple of different clips for the system – I’m using the ones that look like metal clothes pins – the same as Loziuk describes in his system.

Third – I used a Stanley FatMax laser level to shoot across three walls to make sure they were all the same height.  This worked very well.  The laser level has a quarter-twenty attach point (think tripod).  As my Gitzo didn’t quite go high enough – I turned to my Manfrotto lighting stands.

It’s a fairly inexpensive system.  I purchased four 47” bars and one 24” bar – and picked up eight packs of clips – and if I recall correctly – it was all under $100.

As for the photo – it might as well be an IKEA advertisement: the Asker system, Poang chair and ottoman, and Barometer floor lamp.

Please tell us what you think.

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