10 Habits to Better Photos: #6 Read about Photography

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As I was getting ready to post this Habits article  – I dug into the archives just to see exactly when it was that I last posted to this series.  And what did I find?  #5 was posted in October 2009.  5 months ago!

I frantically started looking for some clever and witty excuses – and I quickly tossed out a long list of them – including: (1) my dog ate my hard drive and (2) we haven’t had coffee in the house since early October and (3) my ukulele needed new strings.

And since none of those fabricated excuses are all that good – all I can say is that I’ll try to get #7 out before August.

So, without further introduction – here’s #6.


I read a lot about photography – and, well, I guess I write a bit about it, too.  But, from my experience, few things have the bang-for-buck photography education that reading offers – outside, of course, of just getting out there and taking photographs.

At last count – there’s about a bazillion photography books, magazines, and blogs out there – so, if you’re looking, finding material should be pretty easy.

As for books – where to start?  I have a few authors that I read quite a bit of – such as duChemin and Kelby.  And there are topic specific books by a few authors that I’ve targeted – such as those by Clark and McNally.  Fortunately, too, all four of these guys have blogs – and are willing to point you to more good authors.

Magazines?  My three mainstays are Outdoor Photography, Shutterbug, and Popular Photography.  A few of the UK-published titles are pretty good, too – but they tend to be expensive in North America – though occasionally I’ve found one at Costco for a reduced price.

Then there’s blogs.  At last count my RSS feed points to over 100 photography sites.  Not that long ago, over two posts, I listed 47 of them.  You can find them here and here – and there are plenty more good ones out there – so just dig around – you’ll find ‘em.

And the benefits?  Well – there are more than I list here – but 4 include:

  1. Learn something new.  Few of us know everything about photography.
  2. It helps me stay sharp.  I find it’s easy to let some information go stale after learning it – but with consistent reading – inevitably I’ll trip over it again.
  3. It’s pretty easy for me to get comfortable in my “style” – but with a diverse reading list –I get exposed to other genres and skills.
  4. Gear reviews!  A favorite for gear hounds.

2 thoughts on “10 Habits to Better Photos: #6 Read about Photography”

  1. this inspired me! you rock. I’m definitely going to read more of your posts because I am the same way as you: the further I extend my photography knowledge, the more I step outside of the box away from my comfort zone.


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