OSU Rugby: 30 January 2010

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-6 Had  a chance today to catch some Oregon State University rugby.  Today’s A game was University of Victoria vs. OSU and the B game was Willamette University vs. OSU.

Due to the rain – games were moved from the Peavy fields to the Corvallis HS turf fields.  From  a photography perspective – I was actually hoping for a little mud.  On the other hand – I won’t have a pair of shoes sitting in the garage drying out for a week.

I don’t have scores from the first game – but it was a UVic win.  As for the second game – I left midway through – and I’m not sure how it finished up.

Had a chance to chat with OSU photography student, Ethan Erickson, also shooting on the sidelines.  Great guy – with some seriously good sports images.  Check out his blog here and his Flickr gallery here.

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-1

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-10

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-8

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-3

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-2

OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-7OSU Rugby - 30 Jan 2010-5

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