10 Images from 2009

Tired of the “Best of 2009 …” lists yet?  If not – here are 10 (non-rodeo) images from 2009 (if you’re looking for the rodeo-centric list – look here).

As a photographer – I think this idea of culling the annual portfolio to 10 solid images – from roughly 10,000 to 20,000 frames shot over the entire year – is a good exercise.  It forces trade-offs and discussion (at least among yourself) to why any one image made the list over another.

And – if you’ve been a regular reader of Camera 47 for the past year – you’ve likely seen a number of these images.  Sorry ‘bout that.  But in the end – here are the 10 images I chose (in no particular order).


Washington vs. Oregon State rugby match.


Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, OR.

downtown corvallis-1 Downtown Corvallis with the Lensbaby fisheye lens.

balloon-1 Hot air balloons.

auto show-1 Portland International Auto Show.

at bombs away cafe-1

Jeremy + gig at Bombs Away Cafe + Lensbaby.

50 million lost-1 50 Million Lost rally.b24-1

Wings of Freedom tour.

dv days-1 The noodle cart!

tea party-1 Corvallis Tea Party.

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