Lensbaby Fisheye Optic: Round 2

corvallis - 31 oct 2009-57AM Saturday: meet Henry at New Morning Bakery.  1st cup of coffee – dark roast.  Talk photography.

7:25AM:  2nd cup of coffee – still dark roast.  More photography.

7:45AM: Out and about in Corvallis.  It was supposed to be raining – but instead – we were greeted with a partly sunny morning still a bit wet from the night before.  Henry was trying out his new kit – and I thought I’d futz more with the Lensbaby Fisheye Optic (review posted here).

9:10AM: On the way home for more coffee.  French roast.

As for the Fisheye Optic – I liked f/11 so much – I tried it again.  Still trying to get the hang of it – but it’s definitely fun.

Images – from top to bottom: (1) bakery backdoor (2) pedestrian (3) waiting for snow (4) tree by the river.

corvallis - 31 oct 2009-2corvallis - 31 oct 2009-4 corvallis - 31 oct 2009-6

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