Review: David duChemin’s 10

David duChemin, photographer and author of Within the Frame, has just released his new e-book: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft – None of Them Involve Buying Gear.

tenThis concise 32 page PDF download will set you back $5 (until October – then it bumps to $10) – and is filled with duChemin’s photography insights for better images.  After each point – David tacks on an assignment – a sort of boot-in-the-back-pocket – to get you out there and practicing.

His top 10:

  1. Get Pickier
  2. Better Contrast Creates Better Stories
  3. Change My Perspective By Changing Yours
  4. Create Depth
  5. Get Balanced
  6. Pay Attention to the Moment
  7. Pay Attention to the Light
  8. Use the Best Lens
  9. Expose for Aesthetics
  10. Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background

So, what did I really like in this text?  First, this is info that all of us can use – regardless if you’re shooting a DSLR or a point-and-shoot.  This is about making better images – not about buying more gear.  And second, David writes well – and is able to convey his thoughts clearly in few words – with great complimentary images.

Who’s it for? Definitely for the beginner and intermediate shooters out there looking to take that next step.  For well seasoned shooters – it’s likely that most of this information is crammed somewhere in a cerebral corner – but that said – this could still be a good compact, low cost refresher course.

This e-book is easily purchased from  Simply buy the book, download it, and start reading in 5 minutes.  And though it’s a short read – there’s stuff in here that you’ll likely want to revisit – especially if you try the exercises.

Bottom line: If you enjoyed Within the Frame – then you’ll want to read this, too.  It’s a deal at $10 – and while it’s temporarily at $5 – scoop it up.  If you haven’t yet read Within the Frame – then this is a good low cost introduction to a talented photographer and teacher.

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