2009 daVinci Days Wrap-Up

dV Days Music-2Three days of music, food, art, science, 2009 daVinci Days - low res-7 and general revelry are in the books for another year.  The daVinci Days festival, held on the 3rd weekend of July, is the largest annual event in Corvallis, OR.

And my task was simply to go out and take some photos as part of a 5 photographer team.  The weather was beautiful, the music was good, and the “noodle cart” was serving noodles.

If you’ve never had the chance to eat at the “noodle cart” (Cart de Frisco) – it’s a small food cart often found at festivals in these parts.  They offer 3 items on the menu:  noodles, a sandwich, and chicken-on-a-skewer.  2009 daVinci Days - low res-3As the chicken is also on the noodles – and I haven’t figured out how to eat the sandwich without it exploding over two counties – I stick to the noodles.

As for the photos – in addition to the Main Stage and general event shots – I also had a chance to shoot the Electrathon and some Kinetic Sculpture Race.

Images from top to bottom: (1) people listen to Bongo Love (2) guitarist from Saturday night performer Huayllipacha (3) the Cart de Frisco at night (4) Ladysmith Black Mambazo (5) an electric vehicle competing in the Electrathon and (6) Bongo Love.2009 daVinci Days - low res-8dV Days electric-2

dV Days Music-1

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