Benton County Rodeo 2009

benton county rodeo 2009 - low res-1 The Benton County Rode0 is part of the Benton County Fair – and both wrapped up Saturday.  I typically don’t make it over to fairs – but I thought I’d brave a hot, dusty Saturday afternoon and shoot a little rodeo.  Nothing fancy here – no “all access” at this gig – I paid $8 and shot from the crowd – which also meant that I left the cowboy hat at home (by the way – CNN had a great short video on photographers covering rodeos – you can find it here).benton county rodeo 2009 - low res-2

A couple of quick impressions: (1) the arena is smaller than the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo – which is good for photography – it’s definitely easier to shoot the action with a  modest lens and (2) as this rodeo is tied to the fair – I think it introduces folks to rodeos who might not otherwise go – a sort of 2-for-1.benton county rodeo 2009 - low res-3

Bottom line: Good rodeo action – and – if you get the chance – Tillamook Ice Cream milkshakes.  Blackberry.  Seriously – very good.

Photos in order: (1) bareback (2) JJ Harrison – a great barrelman (a.k.a. “rodeo clown”) (3)  tie down roping and (4) steer wrestling.benton county rodeo 2009 - low res-4

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