Steam Up 2009

rail car museum-3OK – I’ve covered The Great Oregon Steam Up before – but this year – I thought I’d focus on the Oregon Electric Railway Museum – which is co-located at the Steam Up site.

Hugh and I made the trip up to Brooks this last weekend for the annual event – and though I knew the Railway Museum was there – I’d never really seen it open – rail car museum-5or at least what I recognized as “open”.  In years past, this limited me to just shooting the cars that were sitting outside the museum – like the Metro at the bottom of the post.

This year – I happened to pop my head inside an open door – and stumbled onto this great international collection of old trolleys – all in some stage of restoration.rail car pan-1 The panorama – though not a perfect panorama – shows much of the museum from the top deck of a 1927 double decker from Blackpool, England.

And of course – the vintage advertising caught my eye.  Good stuff.

Photographically – a couple of things.

  1. This was indoors – in a rail car museum-6warehouse – the lighting is middlin’ at best.  Fast lenses will help – as will any image stabilization that you may have on your camera / lens.  I was shooting a Canon 24mm f/2.8 on the 50D – which doesn’t have stabilization.
  2. If you need to crank up the ISO to get the shots – then do it.  It’s always better to get the shot.
  3. Tripods would likely work in here – but I much prefer to work fast and light.
  4. It’s difficult to eliminate the surroundings.  Be creative.

As for the rest of Steam Up – it’s all still there.  The vintage farm tractors, steam tractors, small steam engines, fire trucks, old cars, and demonstrations.  So, if you find yourself in the Willamette Valley this weekend – check it out.

rail car museum-2

rail car museum-1

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