Oregon at 150: Worship Service

oregon 150 worship service-4 As part of Oregon’s sesquicentennial celebration – the Church of the Valley of Corvallis, in conjunction with Love Inc,  held a worship service in Central Park on Sunday afternoon.

When it was all said and done – I would guess that close to 200 folks were listening in – and after the service – all were able to share in some ice cream – which happened to be Umpqua Dairy’s limited edition flavor to celebrate Oregon’s 150 – roasted Oregon hazelnuts with clover honey and huckleberry syrup.

As for the photography – two things come to mind.  (1) It was hot – which meant that most folks were looking for shade.   Auto white balance was inconsistent – and – in turn – many images required some correction in Lightroom.  And (2) it’s OK to stop and eat some ice cream.

The GT’s article (with a lot more info) can be found here.

oregon 150 worship service-1oregon 150 worship service-2oregon 150 worship service-3 oregon 150 worship service-5

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